7 Modern Wardrobe Designs for Small Bedrooms

Of all the problems that come with small bedrooms, one of the most bugging problems is that of storage – at least for those of us who don’t believe in the concept of “having too many clothes.” 

Having a giant wardrobe can definitely be the end of the problems, but a giant monstrous wardrobe design can ruin the aesthetics of your room. Worse, it can make your room look more compact than ever. 

That said, chic, modern wardrobe design can be a pinnacle of a bedroom. All the reasons why you cannot go wrong if an aesthetic home is something you breathe for.  

Ergo, here are a few recommendations on the best wardrobe designs for small bedrooms. 

Wardrobe with Mirrors 

If you love mirrors, let us give you one more reason. Adding a mirror to your bedroom design can make it look bigger (thanks to the optical illusion it creates). That said, you can go for modern wardrobe designs with mirrors to solve your storage issues, and make your bedroom look big and chic. 

Here are the various modern wardrobe designs with the mirror you can consider: 

Glossy Sliding Cupboard Design with Mirror Panel 

If you find sliding wardrobe to be the coolest, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t consider this sliding wardrobe design. Sliding a wardrobe with mirror panels can be an ideal choice from an aesthetic and convenience point of view. 

Glossy Finish Cupboard Design with Mirror 

If a sliding wardrobe design is not on the cards, you can go for standard wardrobes. It might be a good idea to go for subtle colors, such as beige and white. 

Mirror Wardrobe Cum Dressing Mirror 

Apart from making a room look mirror, large mirrors have always had an appeal. The brownie point of this modern wardrobe design is that it can also act as your personal dressing unit. 

Frosted Glass Cupboard Design

If a dressing unit is not your first priority, the next best alternative is a wardrobe with frosted glass. Besides adding a unique factor to your bedroom, this modern wardrobe design is easy on the space too. 

White Wardrobe with Numerous Units 

Want to bring your A-game to organization? This modern wardrobe design can help with organization especially if you have multiple items decked in one section of the wardrobe. 

Mint Wardrobe with Vanity Unit 

Pastels are dreamy colors that can make your room look like a paradise. So, who said they would look the best only on the dominant walls? Feel free to add them to your modern wardrobe design. 

Wardrobe Unit with Pooja Room

A pooja room can add a sacred, divine, and positive vibe to your bedroom. However, if you think your bedroom is too small for it, this modern wardrobe design can save the day. On the plus side, white wardrobes can prevent your room from looking packed down. 

Parting Thoughts 

The secret to a chic, aesthetic bedroom is an elegant and modern wardrobe design. So, if you find any of the mentioned modern wardrobe designing quite captivating, wait no more, and turn your wardrobe into a dreamy element. 

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