Affordable Assistive Technologies for People with Hearing Disorders

Affordable Assistive Technologies for People with Hearing Disorders

TV Hearing Aids
: Clarifying TV audio for those with hearing loss.

If you notice you have trouble hearing the TV clearly, and specifically difficulty hearing television dialogue, you are not alone. Part of the difficulty in clearly hearing television dialogue has to do with problems with the quality of the audio which has been mixed for each individual program, or television channel. Movies are also mastered differently for dialogue from regular programs, to include a focus on cinematic effects. Essentially this means that when watching the TV, even with perfect hearing, you can expect a great deal of variability in the clarity of the TV audio, including the level of sound effects, music, and the clarity of dialogue. The other factor is that all of the original ‘mixing’ of television audio is done for those with perfect hearing! The bottom line is, TV audio is often poorly mixed, with many movies and programs not well produced for hearing dialogue clearly.

Hearing loss and television listening.

When we combine the original problem of variable TV audio clarity between programs and movies themselves, with a problem such as a mild hearing loss, or a more significant level of hearing loss, the result is enormous difficulty hearing TV dialogue clearly, and often the need to turn the TV volume up above the preferred level of others in the house.

Unfortunately turning the TV volume up, or even purchasing a TV amplifying system often doesn’t result in a significant improvement in clarity for the listener, as the volume for music and sound effects is also being turned up with the dialogue, resulting in a ‘masking effect’ on the dialogue. Of course, this also presents a problem in the household for others who are disturbed by the loud volume of the TV audio.

Solving the problem, and clarifying TV dialogue.

The development of wireless TV clarifying headsets, designed to specifically focus on dialogue, has proven to be an incredible solution to this frustrating problem. 

The TV Voice Pro systems were developed within audiology clinics, and utilised information from over 1000 audiograms (hearing tests) to help develop speech clarifying audio for those with hearing loss.

The results were amazing, with over 90% of hearing aid wearers stating that the TV Voice Pro system was vastly clearer than their hearing aids for hearing TV dialogue, including those with hearing aids valued at over $6000.

TV Voice Pro uses wireless technology to deliver optimised TV audio directly to the ears. Following a complete recalibration and optimisation of the television audio, the TV Voice Pro system transmits the audio signal directly from your TV audio output to the TV Voice Pro headset in digital form. The result being crystal clear television audio for the wearer. The TV Voice Pro system connects to any TV in just a few minutes. You can choose from the smaller TV Voice Pro Air ($349 AUD) which is an ultralight weight device that is suitable for those with mild to moderately- severe hearing loss, or for those with more severe hearing loss, we recommend the TV Voice Pro Original headset ($339 AUD), which is slightly more powerful. The best thing is that the TV audio for everyone else in the room is not affected, with the user having their own volume control on the headset with up to 120 dB. Go to and order online today.

Broad Prescription Hearing Aids: Hearing aids that work out of the box.

Found Hearing have released one of Australia’s first low-cost digital hearing aids, which is now available and shipped directly to your doorstep. 

Affordable Assistive Technologies for People with Hearing Disorders

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid was originally developed as a ‘back-up’ digital hearing aid for audiology clientele, whose current pair of hearing aids were either in for repair or servicing, or had been lost. Developed as a broad-prescription hearing aid, audiology clientele could simply pick up the Jaspa 3 hearing aid across the counter, or have it sent directly to them, without the need for a hearing test or even an appointment.

The surprise came when the majority of those who used the Jaspa 3 hearing aid were extremely reluctant to return it to the clinic, even after their more expensive hearing aids had been repaired and were ready to be collected. The Found Hearing representative said,

“We found that because customers were able to select and control the sound to match their own hearing preferences, as well as select a program that suited their type of hearing loss, many customers were able to adjust the aid to how they like to uniquely hear sound. As a result, wearers of the Jaspa 3 hearing aid were able to eradicate many of the bothering effects they had experienced with their regular more expensive hearing aids, such as tinniness, echo, and background noise. They were also able to adjust the volume to suit their individual preference.”

Following initial feedback on the benefits clientele were reporting on use of the Jaspa 3 relative to their expensive devices and is one of the best in affordable hearing aids, the Jaspa 3 aid was developed further, and now includes additional features that rival technology found in some of the most expensive hearing aids available. 

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid works off a fully digital microchip and incorporates wide dynamic range compression, feedback cancellation, automatic noise reduction and speech enhancement across 12 bands. The Found Hearing representative said;

We now have many customers who report better outcomes with their Jaspa 3 aids then the hearing aids that they have spent thousands of dollars on.”

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and has a simple to use volume and program control on the device itself. The Jaspa 3 has access to 4 programs and 10 volume levels. It is a broad prescription device, meaning it will work for various types of hearing loss, from mild to severe loss, without the need for a hearing test or appointment. 

The style is a discreet ‘behind-the-ear’ open fit design, that the majority of hearing aid wearers are already accustomed to inserting and managing. It takes a standard 312 hearing aid battery. 

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid can be ordered online at The Jaspa 3 is $429 AUD per aid, and includes Free Delivery anywhere in Australia. No hearing test or appointments are required and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. Seek medical advice if you are concerned about your hearing.