Airbnb Is Allowing Employees to Work Remotely Without Pay Cuts

Airbnb Is Allowing Employees to Work Remotely Without Pay Cuts

On Thursday, Airbnb announced that their employees can now enjoy working remotely without any pay cuts.

Airbnb employees will have the option to go anywhere in the country and also go to any other country from a list of 170 countries (the company shared in a tweet).

Earlier, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky shared that the company had “The most product two-year period” in its history while working remotely (working from home due to COVID-19).

The employees who wish to visit a new country from a list of 170 countries can go and enjoy while working remotely for up to 90 days (as per the company policy).

Airbnb will arrange team gatherings, off-sites, and social events to engage its employees and let them meet in person for making the company grow as it should with an office-based working policy.

Brian Chesky Tweet about Airbnb remote work policy

Employees will also have the option to work in an office or do it remotely, it will be the choice of Airbnb employees but they all have to show in the periodic meet-ups.

Airbnb is following this working model from Zillow, Reddit, Twitter, and a few other tech companies.

More and more companies are enjoying the remote work eco-system as they are laying off almost a quarter of their workforce and enhancing the current employees to make the companies standstill.

This is something alarming as more and more employees are becoming unemployed.

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