How To Create A YouTube Business Account

How To Create A YouTube Business Account

Youtube is a great platform to promote your business. YouTube allows you to be creative with your content while being able to reach millions of people on the platform. Business YouTube accounts differ from the personal channels that are out there. 

You should have a business account if you want to gain more views in your YouTube videos as a brand. We have covered the topic of how to start your YouTube business account along with how to buy YouTube Likes from in the article below

1. Create a google account

If you want to gain more views on your Youtube videos, you need to have an account. Since Youtube is a product of Google, you need an account with Google to begin on Youtube. 

Create an account that will serve as the official email id of your business account. After choosing the email name, you need to fill in the name of the business and the password you have chosen. 

Remember to use a strong password as it can be used to access your Youtube account. You can create the Youtube channel using your account, but it is recommended to use a separate email Id for better protection

2. Create the channel

After your Google account is created, head onto Youtube. Log into Youtube with the email id you just created. After logging in you need to select the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner. 

From this menu go to the My channel section. This allows you to set up your profile on Youtube. You have to select Use a business or other name on the new page that you are taken to. 

This allows you to put in the name of your business as the channel name. Having your business name as the channel name will help you to gain more views on your Youtube videos make them easier to find. 

3. Fill in the details

With the completion of the second step, you have created your Youtube business account but there is a lot more to do. Since you have the basic structure of your account. This method deals with letting people know who you are. 

Select the customize channel option. This option will take you to a page where you can see how your channel looks currently. This step should give you an idea of what segments you have to work on to make your account attractive to your followers.  

4. Customize your channel

A big part of your identity on Youtube is the banner and icon of your account. They are the aspects of your account which make it possible to visibly distinguish your account from others. 

The standard route for business accounts is to use their logo as the icon for their channel. You can create an attractive banner and place it on your channel. The banner should be related to your content and of high quality. 

If you manage to make your banner attractive it will help you gain more views on your youtube videos and your account. There are many online sites and editing software you can use to create a banner that reflects positively on your company and intrigues your audience. 

5. Fill up the about section

The about section contains details of your channel. This helps to show users on Youtube who you are. This also allows you to use this space to promote your website and other socials. Having your socials and website linked to your Youtube is necessary to gain more engagement later on. 

You can add as many links as you want. You need to write about your company in the description section on the same page. Having a filled-up about section goes a long way to help you gain more views on your Youtube videos as this is neglected by many people.

6. Create and post content

After following the above steps you have managed to cover the majority of the bases when it comes to opening a new account. You now need to find good ideas for content that you will post. Remember to be consistent with your content. You have to post content that your audience will like.

7. Buy youtube subscribers

This is an additional method that can help to boost your business account. If you are starting a business account on Youtube, you should look to buy Youtube subscribers. When you buy youtube subscribers you avoid the initial problems that other brands face. The decision to buy legit Youtube subscribers from can help you in your Youtube journey. 


Following the steps in this article will help you to set up your account. These steps not only help you create the account but do the basic things needed to gain more views on your YouTube videos as well. This article is all you will need to understand how to start your YouTube channel as a business while building a large subscriber base who will engage with your content.