Human Resilience as One of the Necessary Traits in Life

Human Resilience as One of the Necessary Traits in Life

What is Resilience?

Do you remember the case, when you shouted at someone because of your problems? You worsened it because you have one more trouble – a conflict with an innocent person. Stress brings more problems than you have expected before. Emotions can't help in life. Resilience is an ability to react to hardships and stress adequately, and to think rationally and logically. Keep calm and think about how to solve a particular situation. Different emotions are your greatest enemies. Try to avoid it. If you want to be persuaded on why human resilience matters, read the book "The Great Gatsby". Read for understanding any essay on the net and analyze the behavior of the main heroes. There are many examples of constructive and destructive actions. 

Why is it important to be resilient?

Bad feelings make worse. Especially when you live with them for years. There can be different circumstances, for example, the death of a relative, the war, or the illness. Indeed, it is difficult not to cry when your close person dies, but you have to move further. Difficulties happen regardless of our will. And I don't know any fate without challenges. Those who try to overcome and adapt to a situation, survive. The anxiousness can cost too much, even a life. There is a book by Victor Frankl "A Person in search of senses: the psychologist in a concentration camp". It is an autobiography that inspires many readers of different generations. If the author had been anxious, he couldn't survive. In modern life, many employers seek emotionally stable people. They are more reliable because they live without panic. Analyze your previous experience and learn from the mistakes of the past. 

Live further regardless of circumstances

Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine of the book "Gone with the wind", often said a phrase: "I'll think of it tomorrow". She has shown great fortitude in the period of war and drama in her personal life. Scarlett is a fearless girl which is among the bravest women literary heroines in world literature. Resilient people survive in difficult situations because they live further regardless of circumstances. Unrestrained and anxious people are concentrated on emotions, while resilient ones try various ways of solutions. Human resilience is the source of emotional intellect. 

If you have read the previous examples, you noticed that each step of the literary characters or real people is based on logic. Resilient people never lose critical thinking: both in difficult situations in everyday lives. They become successful thanks to ambitions and great strategies. So, everyone who has dreams connected with career and business has to be resilient. Molding your character is necessary from a very early age. Do you remember the hardship that caused you to confuse? If yes, analyze your previous experience and don't repeat it. It's excellent when nothing can make you cry. 

The bottom line

As you can see, human resilience is a trait of higher importance. There are many examples from literature, history, or real life that prove it. Emotional intelligence is an excellent part of your success and ability to survive. Thanks to it many victims of war or concentration camps remain alive. The resilient person tries to think about how to change a situation if something goes wrong. Your main enemy is extra emotions. So don't kill yourself with anxiousness and panic. Everyone can mold a great character that will support you. And we believe that it is possible.