What Podcasters Should Do To Increase Their Subscribers

“Dead End Days” is believed to be the first ever video podcast. Its first release was in October 2003. Ever since then, many people have gone into podcasting. To date, there are over forty-eight million podcast episodes on the internet.

What Exactly is a Podcast and What is it all About?

A podcast is a series of audio recordings that can be streamed or downloaded. They usually focus on a specific subject. It can be interviews, conversations, stories, advertisements, and so many more. It is a powerful medium that helps the host connect to a large audience.

While a podcaster is someone who produces podcasts, a podcaster also ensures that he delivers a podcast well to an audience. Podcasts have a large number of audiences around the world. In fact, there is a major award event called “People’s Choice Podcast Award” made exclusively for podcasters.

The most important feature of a good podcast is its authenticity. This is one important thing that every podcaster must achieve. The world is evolving and the number of podcast listeners keeps increasing yearly. People also tend to watch out for new and original podcasts on a daily basis because of this.

Another important tip for a good podcast is one should avoid rambling too much information in one sitting, since the podcast can become boring to a listener. It is better to break podcasts into smaller sessions or into a series.

How Much Do Podcasters Make?

The amount that a podcaster makes depends on many factors. Some podcasters make money from episode downloads only. Podcasters can also make money from online courses, donations, public speaking, and so on.

Podcasters can make as much as $30,000,000 to $300,000 annually. The income a podcaster makes per episode is dependent on the number of his active subscribers. So, it is important that a podcaster has enough subscribers to earn income. 

The list of highest-paid podcasters also shows that many podcasters earn in millions annually. You can even check how much these podcasters make per episode.

How Do Podcasters Earn Money?

Every podcast has an entertainment aspect. A lot of podcasters aim to monetize their work. So, if your aim is to generate revenue, you should know how to monetize a podcast.


Top-tier podcasters get rewarded with donations from the public. This is a way of ensuring that they keep creating their podcasts with ease. The subscribers make donations through platforms that podcasters can access. Once they have an account on these platforms, they can receive donations and get access to payments.

A major avenue that podcasters use to receive donations are platforms that offer user-easy subscription services. This could be sites like Patreon or other Patreon alternatives. These alternatives enable podcasters to earn income monthly. Users can pay for podcasts and other content of creators.

In addition, these Patreon competitors have incorporated Spotify for their podcasters. This feature helps podcasters reach a broader audience. They house over a thousand podcasters, publishers, and networks. Podcasters can easily access their users' information.

Podcasters can even earn millions annually, since income is generated from active listeners. Donations are an easy way of making a profit as a podcaster. But, only consistent podcasters enjoy the long-term benefits of these platforms.


Advertisement is a sure way of monetizing podcasts. You would need to build a large  audience to be able to get branded content though. Many podcasters tend to advertise at the beginning, middle, and end of the content. These advertisements come with a certain payment. Some companies also pay for their jingles to be played on podcasts.

The length and popularity of your podcast determines your advertisement rate. It comes on the basis of the number of downloads that a podcast episode gets. Podcasters can make $18 to $30 for 30 and 60 seconds ads respectively

Podcasters can also drop links of brands and products and invite their audience to click on the links. This is another form of advertisement that many podcasters do. It is called affiliate marketing. Some websites give podcasters links to promote, and they get paid based on the number of clicks and actions on the link.

Online Courses

Many podcasters create online courses and make profits off them. They make these profits when people sign up. The online courses can sometimes involve an ebook related to the lessons. 

During these courses, an individual gets to understand the concept of podcast hosting. Also, he or she gets to learn how they can earn as a podcaster. 

Public Speaking

This is another way of making money through podcasting. The major type of public speaking that most podcasters earn money from is event hosting. They get paid by hosting events or even judging in some events. Some podcasters also appear in visual advertisements.

What Can Podcasters Do To Boost Subscribers?

What Can Podcasters Do To Boost Subscribers?

A podcaster might not earn a lot if the number of their podcast subscribers is low. Oftentimes, only podcasters with a large number of subscribers get recognized and booked.

Here are a few things that a podcaster must ensure to keep up with to increase their number of subscribers:

Invest in Quality Production

A good podcaster must ensure quality production. Good production involves the use of a good microphone, a standard editing tool, and so on. The podcast industry is full of amazing podcasters with a quality production system. This is why their subscribers keep increasing every day. You must up your game and task your creativity.

Podcasters should invest in good equipment and software for better production. Purchasing better mics and software is more cost-effective in the long run. You can look into Streamlabs for live streams to incorporate into your podcast. Beyond purchasing, also learn how to use them. Maximize your production equipment and outsource a professional if you have to. 

It is also best to record in a serene environment and avoid background noise. Excellent production will keep your users engaged and hooked until the end. When the production is poor, users won't listen past the first few minutes.

Be Authentic

Podcasters have to put out different and original content. Every podcast should have its uniqueness. You must make sure you have made a thorough research on your niche. Always stay updated.

Find interesting and catchy content. People appreciate things that are distinct and genuine. This is why a podcaster with fresh content will always gain new subscribers. Great content advertises itself.

Make Use of Strong Calls to Action

This involves posting links to your social media accounts. These links should have great landing pages as well. You can also ask for reviews on episodes from your audience. This helps to build a strong form of interaction between a podcaster and his subscribers.

Another way by which a podcaster can use a strong call to action is by releasing trailers. This helps trigger curiosity in a social media audience. It can also turn them into subscribers.

Go After A-list Guests

Inviting A-list guests and having a good host will increase subscribers. A podcaster in the interview niche should consistently invite popular guests or speakers. Many people would love to listen to their favorite celebrities on a podcast. This is another way to gain traction and new subscribers.


Podcasting is a very entertaining and impactful venture. You can even earn while doing what you love. To be a successful podcaster, you must ensure that you attract a lot of subscribers and listeners. These people will help you gain more recognition.

People love good content, so make sure to give them that. Use the best devices to record and produce your content. Don’t forget that your social media channels are also a great way to publicize yourself. Add links to your podcasts on your social media platforms and always use strong calls to action.