YouTube to show Ads on Youtube Shorts

YouTube to show Ads on Youtube Shorts Started the Testing Already

In an answer to TikTok’s popularity for its short-form video content that goes viral in no time, YouTube created Shorts (short-form videos on YouTube) and that become the center of attraction for Youtube viewers.

People are getting addicted to YouTube Shorts and YouTube is not coming slow by starting to test ads on Shorts.

Yes, YouTube is already testing video ads on its Shorts platform.

Starting with especially the app-install ads, they are aiming to make a fortune out of it. Goode’s chief business officer shared.

Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said:

“We are testing monetization on shorts, and early advertiser feedback and results are encouraging.”

Compared to last year, almost 4 times high views, Google claimed that YouTube Shorts are generating over 30 billion daily views.

Google is enough smart to do that by announcing the $100 million creators fund for Shorts that eventually forced TikTok creators and other content creators to join forces with YouTube Shorts.

Alongside, YouTube’s revenue increased and touched $6.86 billion despite a slow-down in app-install ads campaigns.

Looks like Google is already ahead of the turning behavior of video viewers by focusing more on YouTube Shorts and YouTube Shorts Ads.

If there will be a YouTube Shorts monetization for the creators or not, we are not sure about that.