10 Benefits of Using a VPN

10 Benefits of Using a VPN

VPN (virtual private network) software, apps and services can protect your personal information from being stored with accurate data by encrypting your internet usage signals and securing the network connection with your own chosen IP address (location) that also help you to access content which might be restricted in your area.

This is a common practice of going anonymous when browsing internet using you smartphone, laptop or any other device like a smart TV and a tablet. As there are many VPN apps and services available for every smart device that connects to internet by any means. Many of them are free vpn apps and many of them are paid vpn apps (mostly free ones are not trusted) while paid vpn apps provide you with dedicated IPs and more security features than free apps and extensions could.

Here we are talking about the top 10 advantages and benefits of using a VPN app or a browser extension.

1. Access Region-Blocked Content

There are hundreds of websites and apps that are not available for Asian countries, European, American and then Australian too. As many Chinese websites and apps don't work in any other area of the world and many USA apps and websites are banned in Asian and other countries too. We can use a VPN to access them for educational purposes and make use of a VPN in a really beneficial way.

Netflix is the biggest example of how content is being blocked on location-basis and it hurts when you are paying for a web-series to watch in full HD or 4K quality and it turns out that Netflix is not making that title available in your country. This is when you need a VPN to bypass the country-restrictions and legally use a streaming service for watching your favourite show (seek permission to your provider first). 

As per the data provided by Surfshark, the United States has the most titles and Canada follows with more movies on Netflix, this means if you can access Netflix USA version, it will give you unlimited entertainment rather than an account with a country name like Thailand or South Korea.

2. Protect Your Privacy

The number way to track an internet user is finding his IP address and that’s all, with the correct IP anyone can find you and even what you are doing online (this is what your internet services provider can do in a snap (absolutely, just as a snap by thanos).

To help you be safe while using internet, VPN providers uses different tactics to change your location data and put a different IP address (hiding your real IP address) to secure your connection and enable you to visit any website which may otherwise is blocked in your country or the area you are in. A VPN server is capable of doing this so you can always turn on your VPN app and feel safe when browsing an untrusted website.

3. Increase Your Security

In recent developments and regulations being issued by various countries for various online services ranging from Facebook, Google to OTT platforms. People are now more concerned about their online security and the days of attaching a tape on your laptop's camera are gone too.

When there are online tools to track your and profile you with your real data for showing targeted ads or for a law enforcement agency, you can just push a pause button on these tools by using a VPN service. Yes, a VPN can increase your security by encrypted your data and redirecting trackers to another IP that is not yours.

4. Access Your Home Network from Abroad

There are many security devices and tools that works only on a home-network and can't be operated from abroad (still they advertise themselves as the smart devices accessible anywhere). To cope with this, you can use a VPN service to connect with your home network even when you are not home and even when you are out of your country.

5. Bypass Censorship

Thousands of websites and apps are not available in the entire world, many of them are restricted to even just a few miles as they are made for a city or only for a single country. This is insane as many people need to visit apps and websites from abroad. For example, what if your country's passport registration and renewal website is not accessible in another country that you are visiting today and accidentally forget your passport somewhere in the country you are visiting? Will you be able to get a new copy of your passport or even just view it online when the official website is not working in the country you are visiting? It will surely make you panic for a while.

However, if there's a problem, there's a solution, you can use a VPN service and easily access the official website for retrieving data about your passport. That will be a life saving solution for some of you.

On the other hands, people are using VPN services to bypass censorship of different apps and websites for accessing restricted content.

6. Connect to Remote Servers

If you are an employee and your employer is asking you work from home and just gave you log-in credentials and the website address but you are seeing that the website is not accessible in your area. Don't worry, you can use a VPN app or a browser extension to connect to remote servers and login without any hassle.

Developers and testers could also use VPN services to connect to remote servers for testing things and developing what they want to develop.

7. Protect Your Data

Data is everything.

What if you are saving your own personal data like your name, address, ID cards, photos, contacts and more data in different storage systems of websites you visit and apps you use on a daily basis?

They might be profiling your data that is a direct threat to your safety online as it could be leaked out in a data breach.

Wait, you can still protect your data. Just use any VPN service and stop sharing your data with third-parties.

8. Save Money on Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals,  and more

Saving some bucks can be hectic when you are in a hurry to buy something or rent a car. As most of the people re-arrange their travels in wait of getting discounts on hotels and flights, you can grab discounts on many flights and hotels by using VPN (that helps you by changing locations of your current IP that shows you different offers from different websites for different locations).

Just make sure you are not being misguided and using a credit card or PayPal (or any other internationally accepted payments platform) for buying your next plane ticket or booking a hotel room.

9. Make Money

Not just saving money, but you can also make money with VPN services by recommending your favourite ones with your friends and family. You can signup for their affiliate programs and start promoting them with your affiliate links. Whenever someone will buy a premium package, you will receive a commission. So that's a double win game here.

10. Make A Public WiFi Secure

Public WiFi networks are not secure and mostly they share data with their providers which helps them to target you for better advertising of their products and services.

However this might be a risk for you. You should make sure that your connection to a Public WiFi network is encrypted and secure. To make it possible, you should use a VPN service.

Well, a VPN can be used for more than 10 ways and benefits of using a VPN are unlimited, you should try it on your device and let us know your findings.