6 Tips to Increase the Value of an Accident Settlement Offer

6 Tips to Increase the Value of an Accident Settlement Offer

Accidents are common these days, mainly caused by human errors, distracted driving, and violation of rules and regulations. After an accident, the victim is worried about many issues like physical injuries or disabilities, payment of bills, and vehicle repair. When life feels like falling apart, competent legal attorneys can make a huge difference in your case. Always hire an experienced attorney for your case. Personal injury attorneys can guide you in getting a fair settlement in negotiation with an insurance company and help you avoid pitfalls. Fair compensation is a huge emotional and financial relief to the victim. If you or any of your friends or family members have been in such an accident, you can learn more about accident settlements here.

Here are a few tips to increase accident settlement offers:

1. Secure Evidence:

First, you need to prove that your damages and injuries are caused by someone else. Collect and preserve all evidence to present them to insurance companies and courts. The accident scene should be documented to get a clear idea.

2. Talk to Eyewitness and Take Photographs:

Eyewitness statements can be very beneficial for your case. Record their names and contact them and get their testimony. In addition, you can take photographs of the accident site, vehicle, and injury, especially if your bruises and scars, as there is much chance of their quick disappearance. 

3. Consider All Losses in the Settlement:

Consider your pain and suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation cost, vehicle repair estimates, lost wages, expected lost earnings, non-economic damages, etc. Keep all medical receipts, reports, invoices, and expenses during treatment, and send these to the insurance company. In addition, submit proof of your lost income.

4. Cautiously Deal with Insurance Companies:

They may seem friendly and polite at first, and the situation may seem to be in your favour, but that’s just a trap as they are experts in persuasion. Consult a physical injury attorney before any settlement. Don’t go for quick and too early settlements, as insurance companies opt for early settlements to save their money and time.

5. Carefully Handle Malicious Tactics:

If the insurer has offered you much less than your expectations, ask for reasons and note them. Then look for a response to mentioned excuses and ask to make settlements accordingly. You can reject their options by making your claim more substantial, and the insurer will try to deny the claim or complicate the process.

6. Get Prompt Treatment:

Get prompt treatment that will help in rapid diagnosis and good prognosis. This will also demonstrate the extent and complications of your injury, facilitating you in settlement offers. Don’t miss appointments; seek medical assistance and go for surgery if required. A doctor’s testimony can be very beneficial.

Personal injury cases take a long time for settlement, don’t rush and let the attorney explore all possible settlement offers. If required, you can also file the case in court. When evaluating a settlement offer, you should present all past, present, and future losses due to accidents. You can also mention the emotional damages you faced in an accident. Injuries can grow more severe in the future, and there can be severe complications and secondary infections. Don’t discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer and doctor.