Boost Mobile Launched a New Way to Lower Your Phone Bills

Boost Mobile Launched a New Way to Lower Your Phone Bills

Founded by Peter Adderton in 2001, Boost Mobile is the largest 5G network in the United States and today they announced a new way to pay your phone bills.

Yes, it is about watching ads and playing games, and earning Boostcoins (so called blockchain-backed coins) that you can then exchange to lower your phone bills every month.

Boost Mobile launched their new mobile app called “BoostOne” that’s free and available in Play Store and App Store.

You can download it and use it to pay your phone bills, lower the prices by adding Boostcoins or pay entirely using the boostcoins you may have earned in the same app by watching ads and playing games.

As Stephen Stokols (Boost EVP of Retail Wireless) said “It’s time to move beyond the old ways and to embrace proven digital models popular in other industries,”

They are moving forward and many users have mixed feelings about the new way to cut the bills as watching ads and playing simple games with ads gets frustrated at times.

However, in reality, it doesn’t look pretty as one Boostcoin is equal to just one cent and for every dollar, you need to earn at least 100 boost coins that are freaking hard.

To stick users with them, Boost Mobile added a Spin To Win option so that you can spin the wheel and if you are lucky, you can get 5 or even 500 boostcoins that count as 5 cents or 5 dollars.

Boost carrier (as the most prominent 5G network in the United States) looking forward to increasing the value of their watch-and-earn currency “Boostcoin” to eventually help the users to pay phone bills and it's still another experiment of payments in the Boost One app.