Top Tips to Buy the Best SUV Tires

Selecting SUV tires depends on many factors including seasonality, vehicle type, and driving style. Besides, it is costly to replace your tires with high-quality ones. That is the reason why you should make careful decisions before purchasing the new tires.

This article is about to show you several practical tips to follow when shopping around for SUV tires. Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s see what you should do to have the best SUV tires

What are the differences between the SUV tires and passenger ones? 

Tread design

For SUV tires, their tread design is relatively aggressive, and the blocks are also larger. Thus, the tires can deliver greater traction and longer life. 

Conversely, the passenger tires will allow smoother rides. Their treads will have asymmetrical or symmetrical patterns. Besides, there are circumferential grooves on their tread so that the water evacuation will be facilitated when you drive on the wet surface. 

Top Tips to Buy the Best SUV Tires

Tread life 

It is more economical to purchase tires having long tread life. Indeed, the SUV tires are more long-lasting and durable thanks to advanced technology and engineering. However, it does not mean that the tires will last you forever. 

Based on the frequency of your driving and the conditions of the terrain, the tire might become worn out or not. One more important thing is that these tires always come with treadwear warranties. So, you should look at the warranty when buying new tires. 

Sidewall construction 

The sidewall is normally a part connecting the tread and the rim. A passenger tire has a thinner and shorter sidewall due to its duty of accommodating lighter loads. By contrast, the sidewall of an SUV tire is taller and thicker. Hence, the tire can flex more if the driver corners or takes off roads. 

Design intent

Passenger tires are often used for light loads and some road conditions such as paved or well-constructed roads. If you go off-road occasionally with these tires, your car tires will be damaged. 

In contrast, if you are carrying heavy loads, opting for SUV tires will be more brilliant. Compared to the latter, the SUV tires are stronger thanks to the knobbier treads. They comprise all the features you need for a safe off-road driving experience. 


The fact is SUV tires are more expensive than passenger ones, making many drivers more interested in passenger tires. Yet, before purchasing a tire, you have to know your vehicle's purpose and the tire requirement. Indeed, SUV tires will be more suitable if you often take off-roads or carry heavier loads. 

Otherwise, if you just drive on well-paved roads and carry light loads, you should select passenger tires. They can provide you with a smooth steering experience at a reasonable price. 

Some useful tips to buy SUV tires

Some useful tips to buy SUV tires
Do not follow the trend

Nowadays, people are inclined to use SUV tires no matter what the road conditions. Imagine that your car is equipped with SUV tires, making it look like an off-road. That seems to be all the rage, right? 

In the blink of an eye, your car gets cool, beefy, aggressive, and tough due to the tires’ tread design and size. However, that cool look does not mean the best thing. You should know that almost trendy tires might have poor performance or handling. 

It means you will get tires coming with noise, stiff ride, and poor comfort. Also, larger wheels tend to have a slow acceleration, faster suspension, decreased braking system, and overall stability. 

Tires have a high withstanding ability

When shopping for SUV tires, you have to consider this criterion as it is very important. A good SUV tire has to withstand the toughest conditions well. The tires can go through all the conditions even the worst with the heaviest loads. 

In other words, the tire's load rating has to match the heavy load it will carry. Besides, you should pay attention to the tread design. To be suitable for the worst condition, the tires rubber compound or tires tread should be aggressive. Thus, they can get more resistance and traction to handle well with snow, gravel, sand, or mud. 

Change tires at the right time 

Change tires at the right time

This step is also crucial. It is advisable to replace the tires when they wear bar is level with the tire tread. Yet, the stopping traction and ability of your tires may decrease dramatically prior to this point. 

Some experts say that you should not allow your tires to reach that point as it might squeeze the tires’ life. So, when should you buy the tires? As long as you see any cracks in the sidewall or the tread, you should replace the tires at once. 

How can you choose the best SUV tire? 

These days, there are some more categories relating to SUV models such as CUVs, TUVs, and MPVs. Therefore, looking for suitable types of SUVs is not easy. Here are some factors you should consider before buying SUV tires. 


Selecting quiet SUV tires will bring you an enhanced driving experience. When shopping around, you should notice the tire label as there is a tire’s noise rating on that.

This rating indicates the exterior noise generated by the tire when you drive. Notice the decibels carefully as a little increase will also represent a huge difference in the level of noise. 


SUV tires are designed mainly to carry the extra weight and vehicle’s size in comparison with the passenger car. Thus, the SUV tires have the capabilities to stand the extra load and provide incredible braking, high-speed performance, and cornering. 

Seasonality and weather

Seasonality acts as a key in choosing suitable tires for your vehicle so that it can achieve maximum handling and performance. As you may know, there are three types of seasonal tire choices: summer, winter, and all season. 


Above are some practical tips to follow when shopping around for SUV tires. Remember to contemplate whenever you select the right SUV tire. Each tire will play a different role in performing and handling. Hope that you find this article helpful, and you will get your favorite SUV tires soon.