5 Ways on How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, and for good reasons too. Dogs are incredibly loyal, adorable, and super easy to love. 

5 Ways on How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog
Photo by Helena Lopes

However, even though they are simply animals, it is crucial to form a strong bond with your pets, since they very well may be your companions for life. No matter what its breed or appearance may be, always form a loving relationship with your furry friend. 

The 5 Ways

Here are 5 essential tips in fortifying the connection with your hairy companion:

1. Control Diet

Dogs are just as sensitive to all sorts of food similar to humans. Research what types of food are harmful to dogs, such as chocolate, peanut butter, and even onion. 

If you pay close attention to their diet, you may avoid risking their health and shortening their life span. 

2. Play With Them

Dogs are playful by nature. Spending even the shortest amount of time with them, such as playing fetch or running around with them, could further fortify your relationship. 

You can tell they’re happy to be with you by paying close attention to their body language. If you notice their tail wiggles when they play with you that alone can determine if they are truly enjoying their time with you.  

3. Avoid Acting Hostile 

No one likes it when someone shouts at them or treats them unkindly. It’s the same thing with your dogs. Dogs are a great judge of character and they can easily sense negative energy exuding from their owners.

Avoid treating them poorly and they'll be sure to reciprocate the same amount of love and affection towards you.

4. Take Care of Their Health

Dogs have a lifespan of only 12 years. Maintaining health is an essential part of keeping them alive longer.

In support of the 1st tip, this is to control their diet. Taking care of their health is more than just their diet. Their health includes their emotional state. Do not stress them for too long like not being fed on time or left alone for a day. This also includes clinical check-ups and veterinary healthcare.

You can search for clinics online by visiting websites such as Doggy Daycare in Etobicoke or other veterinary clinics on the Internet. If you were to shower them with love and care, they'll treat you like their very own best friend.

5. Train your Pets

Discipline is a vital trait for household dogs. Potty train them, teach them a few cool tricks, or even let them learn how to play fetch with a ball, they'll grow more attached with you day by day. 

Gullible as they are, dogs are smarter than you think. They're visual learners, so as long as you reward them with treats and a decent amount of praise that can easily motivate them in learning more.

Owning a dog at home can be a great form of serotonin boost. With how cute and playful they are, hanging out with them can be a truly cathartic experience.

The true secret in forming strong relationships with your pet dog is reciprocity. Treat them lovingly and they'll be sure to treat you similarly.