How to Provide Safe Drinking Water as Everyone Returns to the Office

Many people have been working at home for an extended period and have become accustomed to a different way of doing things. However, as things start to return to normal people are starting to return to the office. 

How to Provide Safe Drinking Water as Everyone Returns to the Office
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Unfortunately, things have changed and everyone is a little more cautious. As an employer, it is important to find ways to ensure staff are relaxed at work. That means taking adequate hygiene measures to inspire confidence. 

One thing that every office is going to need to consider is the availability of water. Experts recommend drinking plenty of water every day to help maintain health and concentration. However, if you’re the owner of the business then you are responsible for the quality of water you’re supplying. 

In short, that means contacting the experts in water filters Australia to find the best filtration system and having it installed in your office.

A filtration system can remove all contaminants, particularly chemicals and heavy metals. Therefore, consider installing home depot water softeners. It works by eliminating hard water composed of calcium and magnesium concentrations.

The good news is that a filtration system is easy to fit. All you have to do is get the experts to add a filter in the supply line, giving you filtered water at a dedicated faucet. Add a clear label that tells staff this is the best water to drink and you’re taking care of them with safe drinking water.

However, this may not be enough, many returning workers are much more aware of hygiene issues. You’re going to have to take your water filtration system a step further.

Supplying Cups

It is possible to dictate that all staff members have their own cup and are responsible for keeping it clean. This allows them to use the cup and get water whenever they need it.

The alternative is to supply disposable cups, ideally ones that are sustainably made. This reduces the risk of infections passing between people. 

But, the cups are likely to be stacked, which means you need a dispenser, ensuring the cup is grasped around its body and there is no need to touch the other cups.

It is also advisable to supply disinfectant wipes, especially if a lever has to be moved by hand to dispense the water. The wipes can be used first to ensure surfaces are clean.

This gives employees access to clean and safe water with no risk of cross-infections. Of course, you’ll need to have signs telling all staff the routine and why it must be adhered to.


You should also spare a moment to consider where the best place is for water access. Employees cannot get their drinking water from the toilet. While the kitchen or staff canteen is the most obvious solution if this is a distance from the main office you may wish to look at a dispenser being added to the office space. 

This can be refilled with bottled water or it can be plumbed into your main supply and filtered. Either way, your employees will have easy access to safe drinking water.