Ms Marvel, Here’s How to Watch Online for Free

Having many supernatural powers, Ms. Marvel from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here with the first episode featuring Asian music and telling the story of a Pakistani immigrant in America.

Ms Marvel, Here’s How to Watch Online for Free

People are rushing to the internet and searching for how to watch Ms Marvel online for free, or how to stream the first episode of Ms Marvel online without buying subscription of Disney+.

Where you can watch Ms Marvel?

As it is a weekly TV show, you can watch it using Disney+ or Disney+ Hotstar by streaming online (if you have an account with Disney+).

The show is being released every Wednesday on 12:30 PM IST and the first episode is already released on 8th of June.

Marvel released the Ms Marvel on Disney+, so there’s only one way to watch it and that’s on Disney+.

But wait,

You can watch it on Disney+ without paying for the new subscription just for Ms. Marvel.


Here’s how:

As Disney+ just dropped their free trial for all the users, it is not possible to just go and create an account for watching a web-series or shows, you can do it with another service.

As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription comes with 30-Day Disney+ free trial and with that, you can watch any show on Disney+ including Ms Marvel for free.

If you are in the U.K. you can use O2 subscription and enjoy Disney+ for more than a month and keep watching Ms Marvel or you can use a Verizon Fios subscription for getting a full year of free trial.

Plus, you can check with your local careers if they are providing Disney+ services for free to you or not.

The irony is that Disney+ is not available in Pakistan and they released a show that is based on the story of a Pakistani immigrant named Kamala Khan.

Iman Vellani is the lead actress in this Marvel show and can be seen embarrassing supernatural powers that she was dreaming about.

There are many other characters in Ms Marvel that adds more intimacy to the show.