What are the basic requirements to study postgraduate courses in London?

Academic qualifications offered in London add a great way for students across the globe to earn a degree from the world’s most popular study abroad destination and revamp their career paths.

What are the basic requirements to study postgraduate courses in London?
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It is always a plus if you already possess an existing qualification that demonstrates your academic knowledge and professional skills needed to make a mark in the industrial sector that you are most passionate about.

Having a previous degree relevant to the academic discipline that you're looking to apply for in the UK can provide you with an extra edge over other applicants.

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Post-graduate courses offered in London may require you to fulfil the following entry requirements before you send across your application:

  • An undergraduate qualification in relevant academic fields, wherein you must have a 2.1 GBA in your bachelor’s degree depending on the type of programme and institution that you have studied at.
  • Language proficiency particularly in English, for which you need to undergo a language test to display a certain proficiency level if English isn’t your first language or mother tongue.
  • Entrance examinations are required only when applying for certain qualifications such as chartered accountancy or other business-related subjects.
  • Professional experience relevant to the field that you're applying for your postgraduate degree in, which can either be an internship or an early-stage career profile.

Academic qualifications for studying for a postgraduate degree in London

Postgraduate qualifications a tailor-made to give you the highest level of capability as a professional in a particular field, to help you become an expert and climb up the corporate ladder smoothly.

This includes a first-class 1st mark on your high school graduation or even an upper second class that is an overall 60% and above when applying for a postgraduate degree in London.

Relevant work experience for pursuing a postgraduate qualification from London

To prove that you are a mature student, you must demonstrate a range of practical skills gained by shadowing business experts in a multinational company or working on projects in your undergraduate course.

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Having substantial experience under the belt can help you make your application successful even if you do not possess the right score on your previous qualification.

The English language tests that you can appear for to prove that you have an appropriate level of spoken and written English language capability including International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

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This article was written by Deblina Dam.