What’s it like to go to med school in the Caribbean?

Amidst growing competition and difficulty in getting admission in top grade medical schools in the United States and Canada, Caribbean medical schools have emerged as a promising alternative to fulfilling dreams of becoming a medical professional. While aspiring students prefer attending top-notch medical schools in academically leading countries, there are multiple benefits of attending a Caribbean medical school. But most importantly, Caribbean medical schools are attracting international students because they offer the US-like education at an affordable rate.

What’s it like to go to med school in the Caribbean?
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If you are an aspiring individual looking for a medical school to earn a medical degree, then the first step is understanding the medical school prerequisites. If you choose to complete your medical education at a Caribbean medical school, then be informed that the prerequisites and admission process are pretty straightforward, allowing applicants to complete the procedure efficiently. Caribbean medical schools accept students passionate about medicine but with an average GPA and MCAT scores.

Keep reading this blog as we explore what it’s like to attend a medical school in the scenic Caribbean islands. Here’s what you’ll experience during your MD journey in a Caribbean medical school:

High-quality education

The Caribbean medical schools are highly credentialed and well-accredited to offer high-quality medical education in line with the national standards. The quality of medical education is comparable to the leading medical schools in the US and Canada. It emphasizes a great integration of case-based learning and clinical skill development that makes a well-rounded medical professional. The excellent medical education offers an expansive career opportunity to the graduates of Caribbean medical schools. 

Opportunity to do clinical rotations in the US

The top-grade medical schools of the Caribbean allow their students to complete their clinical rotations in the teaching hospitals based in the US. Undergoing clinical rotations in the US while pursuing a medical degree in the Caribbean can increase your credibility. It will also offer you an edge while applying for residency in the US.

USMLE preparation

The United States Medical Licencing Examination(USMLE) is a standardized examination comprising three steps. It is a licensing examination that allows medical graduates to practice medicine in the US. In the Caribbean medical schools, the preparations for USMLE step 1 start early, allowing the students to pass the examination on the first attempt. In 2021 a leading medical school stated that they have a 100% USMLE Step 1 first-time pass rate.

Learn from a team of well-qualified faculty

The Caribbean medical schools have a distinguished faculty with exceptional academic qualifications like an advanced medical degree or a doctorate. 

Small Class Sizes

The Caribbean medical schools are very particular about their class size. Typically they have a 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio that allows one-on-one interactions that promote learning. 

Successful residency placements

Residency is one of the most important in practicing medicine. It is important primarily because it offers tremendous growth in clinical knowledge and in-depth training within the chosen branch of medicine. Nearly 94% of students graduating from Caribbean medical schools have successfully attained residency placement. 

So, now that you know, studying medicine in a tropical paradise can offer you an experience of a lifetime. Being a licensed medical doctor is a highly respected profession all across the globe, so look for a Caribbean medical school that offers a highly-recognized degree for a successful medical career. Caribbean medical schools offer great state-of-the-art learning facilities that provide students with an excellent learning experience.