5 Ways To Promote An Online Business Without Spending A Penny!

5 Ways To Promote An Online Business Without Spending A Penny!

How you promote your business decides your future business opportunities. That’s why big businesses and established companies spend a fortune on marketing to make their brands visible in front of their customers. For early-age startups or small businesses, it’s inherently difficult to compete with dominant people who have wads of money for promotions. However, some business owners know how to make use of Google and other platforms to build their status and make a profitable business. Let’s say you’re in the business of converting photos into handmade paintings, you’ll probably target people who look for gift ideas and home decor. And the areas you work on are blogging and social media marketing, where you share amazing gift ideas and pitch your service in a subtle way. That’s an effective approach to provide value to the right set of audiences and turn them into customers. Whether you want to scale your business or improve your brand visibility, you should give these below-shared ideas a shot! Let’s go.

1. Make Use Of Social Media 

Make Use Of Social Media

Let your brand be heard and seen by your customers! Make full use of social media to increase your reach, create brand awareness, and connect with your audience. If your business is in the gift and home decor niche, you should have your presence on Pinterest, and make amazing pins. Pinterest is a platform where people visit to check captivating pins and captions. Before you use social media, research on which platforms your audience has maximum digital footprints, and plan and publish valuable content. Most businesses use social media to run advertising campaigns. However, you can use it to run a contest, create UGC content, and create visually appealing posts, to turn users into customers. 

2. Contribute To Forum

Contribute To Forum

Contributing to forums and discussion platforms can make or break your online presence. Forums are really beneficial for businesses who want to educate their set of audiences and drive them to your website for business purposes. Before you kick off contributing to forums, keep a few things in mind: choose forums where your customers are, follow the forum’s guidelines, optimize your profile, and provide as much value as you can. This way you build trust within your community, and turn forum users into loyal customers.

3. Write Blogs

Write Blogs

Writing blogs is one of the cost-effective ways to win the hearts of your customers. It’s an ultimate way to provide value through informative and actionable content. To make your business thrive, you should consider setting up a blog section on your website and publishing valuable pieces of content. Your audience will get to learn new things about your industry, undiscovered facts, and exciting offers, which will eventually benefit your business. 

4. Make Use Of Google Business Profile

Make Use Of Google Business Profile

Since you own an online business, you need to keep your brand relevant on Google. A powerful way is to tap into Google Business Profile, which offers you a prominent spot whenever any users search for a keyword/query. Once your Google Business Profile is approved, you can respond to user reviews, add product details and do promotions, and even answer and send Direct Messages to users, without spending a penny. It’s today’s trend, which makes your tomorrow’s business. Seize it before your competitors do. 

5. Create & Publish YouTube Videos

Create & Publish YouTube Videos

No matter which niche your online business is, if you create video content, people will love to watch it. Thanks to YouTube, in which you can publish both—short and long-form videos. When you’re just started out, it’s good to have your brand’s YouTube channel, through which you can share valuable video content to your audience. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to collaborate with influencers, make YouTube shorts, go live, and partner with YouTube creators. You get an ample amount of insights from your customers, which helps you to plan your next online business strategy. In this manner, you improve your brand presence in a place, where most people love to be there. 

In Conclusion

These are the five common yet result-oriented ways to build a brand position for free. You’ll find other ways when you explore the internet, online tools, and directories. However, these ways ensure that you get your brand positioned at the right place, where your customers and potential buyers are active. These effective ways will enrich your business and improve your brand visibility as you have never seen before.