Body Temperature Monitor in Apple Watch Series 8?

Is there a code body temperature sensor available in the Apple Watch Series 8? Or earlier versions of the Apple Smartwatch?

Body Temperature Monitor in Apple Watch Series 8?
Photo by Sabina on Unsplash

Nobody knows, but, it is tipped again as Bloomberg news reports suggest that Apple is testing a body temperature sensor for Apple Watch Series 8 (to be launched).

As Apple is the only tech company that is introducing all the best health features in a smartwatch and when Apple launches or hints about a feature every time the company does it with completeness.

However, in terms of a body temperature sensor, Samsung is the biggest rival for Apple as Samsung is already working on the technology and eyeing to launch it before Apple.

If this new sensor could pass Apple’s rigid standards test, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be equipped with the best ever body temperature sensor in a smartwatch.

However, it is not possible for any smartwatch to predict body temperature not exact levels, you may still need to visit your nearest doctor.

Apple could be releasing the Apple watch series 8 this year.

There are multiple other rumors about Apple Watch latest model and we will be updating you with more features that look original.