How to convert images to QR codes

Every day, there are 3.2 billion images being uploaded on different online platforms, such as messaging and social media apps. 

But with all these cross-posting, images tend to compress, and lose their original quality.

How to convert images to QR codes

For businesses that solely depend on providing high-quality images to customers, giving out substandard photos is absolute blasphemy. 

With the availability of a QR code generator online, people and businesses can preserve the quality of the images they share. 

Here are some areas where image QR codes are used not just to preserve the image quality, but also to make it easier for people to share their files. 

Best ways to use image QR codes


Companies and organizations can use QR codes to relay helpful information to the public.

Simply convert the image into a QR code and place it in areas where people can see and scan them. 

Using one, they can avoid the issues most people encounter with print infographics, such as poor image quality, blurred words, etc. These also tend to deteriorate overtime, especially when posted in public places.

An image QR code can be placed to avoid these significant issues and better inform the public using technology. 


Photobooths, actual event photos, and memorabilia are just some of the files you can get at the end of every event. This huge number of photos make it hard to share and sort the files.

QR codes are one of the easiest alternatives to file sharing and sorting, especially for those on a budget.

For one, you can customize your event invite image with QR codes using a QR code software as QRTIGER today to match the theme of the event. 

You can then use a URL QR code for the Google Drive link of the event, and sort the files based on certain parts of the event so people can easily check and download copies of their own photos from there.

This way, people can easily scan and save the photos all on their own. All that without compromising the quality of the files.

Wildlife reserves and parks

Wildlife reserves and parks can use QR codes to showcase most of their latest attractions and featured animals for the month.

This is one innovative and low-cost way to promote their attractions in vivid color with the images by enticing people to try out and visit their park pride for the month. They can add more information on the images to entice more people to come visit, and easily increase their revenue or donations.

Product Information Guides

Most companies today use QR codes to provide more information for their products, and improve their brand loyalty.

QR codes are the trusty middleman between your offline to online campaigns. You can easily add that in your packaging, and add an image or infographic so it’s easy to read by your customers, old and new.


To better entice customers with their mouth-watering dishes, restaurants can use QR codes to store vivid images and showcase them by encouraging customers to scan the code. 

This could be a new-on-the-menu tabletop sign, so they’re easily updated about your new and bestselling offers.

QR code menu are also gaining more popularity, as it provides a better option for customers who want to have a contactless and straightforward ordering service.

How to convert images to QR codes

Individuals can convert images to QR codes in the file QR code solution and the no-code H5 page QR code solution. 

Using the File QR code solution:

1. Go to a QR code generator with logo software online and make an account

2. Select the file category and upload your image

3. Generate the QR code

4. Do a scan test and download

5. Print and place in your social media, event materials, or establishment

Through an H5 page QR code solution:

1. Open a QR code generator with logo software and sign up for an account

2. Go to the H5 page category

3. Build your personalized landing page and upload the images

4. Generate the QR code and save

5. Print and place in your campaign materials

Have you been sending images via Facebook Messenger or Skype, and are having problems retaining the image quality? QR codes are here to help you maintain the quality of your files and make it easier for you to share.

QR codes can definitely help individuals and businesses make file sharing easier for everyone.