Tech Giants Want to Remove Leap Second for Avoiding Service Outages

Since 1972, scientists have added a leap second 27 times to the International Atomic Time (TAI) based globe clock. All of the timekeeping authorities are jointly doing it to ensure their UTC is accurate enough.

Tech Giants Want to Remove Leap Second for Avoiding Service Outages
Photo by Malvestida on Unsplash

However, this accurate timekeeping is hitting hard on the tech giants by confusing their servers and eventually intimating down times for online services.

Tech giants from Meta, Amazon, Google to Microsoft, and others launched a public effort to remove the leap second from the world clock.

These giants are losing to ditch the leap second for making their systems work seamlessly and have no service outages because of this confusing leap second that is not available in the computing tech.

Meta’s research scientist has an aggressive approach to it as he said: 

"We are predicting that if we just stick to the TAI without leap second observation, we should be good for at least 2,000 years," he further added via official email. "Perhaps at that point we might need to consider a correction."

Since computers can’t tackle the leap second as they are not programmed to do that, just 1 holy second can cause bigger problems for tech giants which are relying heavily on the computers and online service offerings.

So this time, they all want to leave the leap second behind for good.