The Eight Skills Every Nurse Needs to Excel in Their Career

Nurses are the pillars of the healthcare system who are often not as appreciated as they should. Nonetheless, we still have countless compassionate souls willing to give their all to ensure that the community thrives and is healthy. 

The Eight Skills Every Nurse Needs to Excel in Their Career

However, the healthcare industry is somewhat brutal when making it to the top. You have to stand out and excel; nurses must work on skills and abilities that set them apart from others. 

Luckily, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most in-demand skills employers look for in a competent nurse. So, let’s see which of the following skills will make your nursing career soar. 

1. Strong organization skills: 

What are organizational skills, and why do nurses need to master them? Simply put, organizational skills are related to delegating tasks, managing time, boosting productivity, and creating an order. 

Why is it important for nurses to have excellent organizational skills? That’s because the healthcare environment is sensitive and tough, where there’s no room for mistakes and clumsiness. 

Successful nurses have to control their environment and practice admirable organizational and management skills especially a travel nurse should have these skills.

They have the skills to make on-spot decisions, reorganize, prioritize tasks, and manage last-minute schedule changes. A successful nurse’s responsibility is to make the most of their time, resources, and skills. 

2. Dedication to continuing education: 

Commitment to life-long learning will take a nurse’s career to new heights. Committing to competitive learning, such as going for advanced degrees like an MSN FNP degree, is a step that will benefit aspiring nurses in the long run. 

Furthering education is good for the resume and is also extremely important for gaining new skills and keeping up with the latest advancements in the field. 

It will also help nurses explore new career options and aim for better. For example, you may want to become a nurse educator, which can be done by completing an online masters in nursing education degree.

Nurses who understand that learning is part of the job are usually the ones who succeed the fastest. 

3. Emotional resilience: 

Sometimes it becomes difficult for healthcare professionals like nurses to control their emotions and emotional involvement with a patient. 

However, nurses must understand the importance of drawing the line where professionalism is concerned. Hospitals can be tough and the people in them tougher; it’s hard to ignore the pain of others. 

Still, a nurse also must be emotionally stable and resilient. A successful nurse is objective and makes decisions based on hard facts rather than feelings. 

Being a nurse can be tough both physically and mentally where patients are concerned. That’s why nurses must have the strong emotional resilience to make it in the long run. 

4. Impeccable communication skills: 

Communication is a magic spell that keeps the entire healthcare system up and running. Without proper and accurate communication between various departments and professionals, the entire system can collapse. 

Nurses are one of the more important parts of the communication systems in hospitals as a lot is riding on their shoulders. Their responsibility is to communicate accurate and integral information to relevant professionals, especially between patients and doctors. 

One of the best ways to boost your nursing career is to master the rules of effective communication. As a nurse, you’re also required to communicate to patients about their conditions, treatment options, and procedures in ways that they understand. 

5. Be a team player: 

Nursing isn’t a career where you fly solo because the healthcare systems work within an intricate network where an insane amount of information is being exchanged. 

To ensure that the system runs smoothly, professionals like nurses need to demonstrate good teamwork and provide the best care using a team approach. 

It is a valuable skill for a nurse to have good relations with colleagues and that everyone works together towards improving patient care. 

A successful nurse understands that nothing comes before the patient and that dependability on other members shows being a good team player rather than a weakness. 

6. Leadership skills:

Do you want your nursing career to rocket into success? Then start working on your leadership skills today. Emerging as a nurse leader is one of the best ways to remain in the spotlight. 

Being a leader is a skill that is as important as being a team player. It automatically highlights your strong traits such as confidence, ambition, competency, and professionalism. 

It also defines a nurse’s ability to create a productive environment for their peers and a positive one for their patients. 

Nurse leaders have excellent interpersonal skills that help develop strategies to move on in their careers and improve patient care plans. 

7. Empathy and compassion: 

The nursing profession is made up of kindness, compassion, empathy, and positivity. Without these traits, it’s almost impossible to position yourself as an excellent nurse. 

It’s a fact that most patients are in a vulnerable position both physically and mentally. They require gentle care and a dose of compassion to help them get through their difficult recovery. 

Nurses are empathetic, and they automatically understand what the patients are going through and offer them the strength they need to get better. 

Nurses do this in many forms, such as educating patients about their conditions, helping families cope with the situation, and even advocating for patients to make them feel heard and important. 

8. Decision-making abilities: 

It’s not always a doctor’s call to make tough decisions. Sometimes nurses are also put in a position where they have to think on their feet and make a clinically sound decision. 

Adaptability, quick decision-making, and critical thinking go hand-in-hand in creating a successful nurse. Quick thinking under pressure is one of the core skills required of a competent nurse as there’s no room for mistakes for taking time and thinking about making a critical decision. 

Not only for patients but expert nurses also make good decisions for the organization and their career. 


The Healthcare industry is fast-paced, and if your skills are not up to par, you cannot climb the stairs of success. It can sometimes become extremely challenging to stand out as a nurse, but some skills and qualities can get you noticed. 

The above skills and traits are most appreciated by employees, organizations, and even patients. Apart from exceptional academic background and motivation, skills such as above are required to have a brilliant nursing career.