This Chinese X-ray Laser Pen Can Write in the Air

Have you ever dreamed about having a pen that can write in the air or at least write in a way that can fascinate others?

This Chinese X-ray Laser Pen Can Write in the Air

Well, Chinese scientists at Hongtuo Joint Laboratory in Wuhan, China have invented an X-ray powered magic pen that can actually write in the mid-air.

"With the brand new device, we can draw in the air without using paper and ink," lab lead scientist Cao Xiangdong told the state-affiliated Science and Technology Daily this week, as reported by the SCMP.

Yes, those screens that we have been seeing in many sci-fi films showcasing someone touching a screen without a physical screen are going to be a reality very soon.

The magic pen is capable of stripping electrons from air particles using ultra-short laser pulses and turning them into a plasma that emits light on a selected range to draw words in the air (in reality). The South China Morning Post reported.

However, this magic pen with X-ray laser technology is a power-killer and scientists are working on it to reduce its power consumption to make it safe (they say it is a safe device now too).

With over more than a decade of research, test and work only for making this huge magic pen still to light the air and write in it, lasers of this magic pen need to reach an energy density of 100 terawatts (a trillion watt) per square centimetre. via

The laser pen can reach one million megawatts, according to the SCMP, which isn't too far off from the total amount of power the United States can generate. reported.

Let's see what next happens with this magic pen that can write in the air!