How to Change Post on Instagram Explore Page

Instagram's explore page is the base for all its digital content on the app. An active Instagram user might have some irrelevant content on Instagram's explore page that may disturb. So the user needs to know how to change posts on Instagram explore page.

How to Change Post on Instagram Explore Page

Instagram suggests you various content on explore page according to your interests and likes you make on it while using the social media. And you see the title Instagram Suggested below each post on the explore page. Instagram suggests these posts according to:

  • Your Likes and Comments.
  • Instagram accounts you've followed.
  • Your Search History based promotional posts.
  • Your Reels Watch History on your Instagram account.

How to Change Post on Instagram Explore Page

Now you will find easy methods to get rid of unwanted content on your explore page in this article. To change posts on Instagram explore page we have to reset and remove all the user interactions, cache files and search histories that Instagram uses as a bridge to bring suggested content.
To do this just follow these methods.

Clear Instagram Search History

The very first step you can make is to clear all your Instagram Search History. This will stop Instagram from suggesting you content based on your previous search history.
Follow the steps:
  1. Open Instagram account, tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  2. Now open Your Activity option, to see your whole search history press Recent Searches.
  3. To clear the whole search history tap on the Clear All Button.

Change your Post Interests

You can change your Post Interests to change the suggested content and posts on your Explore page. Here is how to do:
  1. Open the Suggested post that you want to get rid of in your Instagram Explore page.
  2. Now tap the three dot icon and press the button Not Interested, to delete the selected post permanently.
You have done. Now Instagram will delete and remove all the related posts from your account's Explorer tab.

Clear Cache Files

Instagram uses Cache Files in your device to provide you with suggested content on your Explore tab. You can stop this by clearing the cache files from your device. Just follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open Settings, tap on Apps.
  2. Now from the list of installed apps, select the Instagram App.
  3. Then, select the Storage and Cache option, press the Clear Cache button and get rid of all the temporary cache files.

Use In-App Settings to Clear Instagram's Browsing Data

You may also have to clear Instagram's Browsing Data to completely get rid of the suggested posts and content on your explore page, because Instagram may use your browsing data to suggest you content and posts. You can clear it by using In-App settings. Here is how you can clear it:
  1. From the top right corner tap on the Hamburger menu and select Settings.
  2. Now tap Account and select to go to Browser Settings.
  3. At the end to clear all the cookies and cache files from websites you have visited using Instagram, tap on the Clear button.

You have successfully done.

So here we have discussed the easy steps you can follow to change posts on Instagram explore page and make use of technology useful and better for yourself.

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