How to See WhatsApp Status from Chat List

WhatsApp is the most used social media of the day. It is always a good experience for every user as WhatsApp always introduces new updates and new features within less time. Now, this Meta-owned company is going to introduce another feature, through which you can view status directly from your chat list instead of getting to the Status tab.

How to See WhatsApp Status from Chat List

WhatsApp has launched this feature for the selective beta users till now, it will soon be on all users' screens. But here who can not wait for this update can learn how to see WhatsApp Status from Chat List with us, using some simple ways.

How to See WhatsApp Status from Chat List

Just as it is done in Instagram Stories, WhatsApp is going to allow you soon to see the status from your Chat List. Here is how the selective beta-users are experiencing it.

See WhatsApp Status from Chat List

This new feature that WhatsApp is going to introduce is majorly inspired by Instagram. With this feature, you can watch anyone's status from your chat list by just tapping on the respective profile icon.

The beta users have been informed that WhatsApp shows Green Status Ring on Android and Blue Status Ring on iOS, these colored rings indicate the new status update from any contact.

You need just a single tap on the ring to see a new status update.

This feature is still in the development process, you may have its experience by enrolling in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.

Use of FB Messenger to See WhatsApp Status

You can directly upload a WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story using in-app features through the cross-app structure of Facebook. When uploaded you can view the WhatsApp Status from chat list of Facebook using Messenger. Here is how to do it:
  1. To use this method, it is compulsory that the other person has shared the same WhatsApp status in a Facebook story using the Share to Facebook Feature on WhatsApp.
  2. Launch the FB Messenger app on your smartphone.
  3. To see the WhatsApp status tap on the Profile icon.

That's it. You have done.

So, here we have discussed how you can see WhatsApp Status from Chat List without going to further tabs to view a status update. We are here to guide you on how you can deal with new updates and advancements in technology.

For more tech updates and how to guides, stay with us.