These 6 Countries Are Investing Big in Chips

The semiconductor industry is the most significant industry of today where one should invest and pay no taxes but receive incentives instead.

These 6 Countries Are Investing Big in Chips
Photo by Vishnu Mohanan on Unsplash

The US and many other countries are investing big in this industry and governments are forcing more businesses to get into the chips business by granting funds and incentives.

The United States gives roughly $77 billion package for making more chips, which is for subsidies and tax credits to the makers of semiconductors.

Here’s a list of the top 6 countries investing big in chips:

  1. South Korea is investing over $250 billion over the next 5 years
  2. China is investing over $150 billion through 2030
  3. The United States investing $77 billion to encourage chip-makers
  4. The European Union investing $40 billion in public/private chip investments
  5. Japan is investing over $6 billion through 2030
  6. Taiwan is at 6th number with over 150 government-sponsored chip projects

Even Asian countries like India have plans to invest over Rs 76,000 crore to boost the growth of semiconductor manufacturing with a program titled “Semicon India”.

These updates show that all of the biggest economies and the countries with a vision of technology and the future are investing big in the chips.