Underbite: Causes and Treatment Options

Smiling for pictures may seem like the most common thing in the world, but for some of us, it is not. Do you try to hide behind your friends while taking pictures and give a half-hearted smile without showing your teeth? If yes, we understand what you are going through, and it’s about time we fix this issue so that you can smile big!

There are several reasons why you don’t smile fully. However, one of the most common orthodontic issues is underbite teeth. And if you struggle with this, there’s nothing to worry about as your teeth can be fixed with several underbite treatments available in India.

Before getting to the treatment options, let’s understand what underbite teeth mean.

Underbite: Causes and Treatment Options
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What are underbite teeth?

To explain simply, underbite teeth are a dental alignment where your lower front teeth protrude more than your upper teeth. Not only does this affect your self-confidence about how you look, but underbite teeth can make it challenging for you to talk effectively or eat comfortably. 

Many people go years without seeking underbite treatment, but you should not be one of them. This is because untreated orthodontic problems like underbite can result in long-term dental issues that many people may be unaware of. These include tooth decay, dry mouth, infections, and habitual mouth breathing.

In order to enhance your dental health and boost your confidence, it is essential that you get the appropriate underbite treatment at the earliest.

What causes underbite teeth?

It is fairly common to have jaw and tooth of the same size and shape as the members of your family. So, more often than not, underbite is a genetic health problem. This means that if a family member like your parents have underbite then you are more likely to inherit this condition.

Apart from being inherited, underbite teeth can also be caused by injury and trauma. Severe face injuries can result in permanent damage and broken jawbones can be difficult to realign perfectly even after surgery. 

Underbite treatment options

Today, thanks to developments in the dental field, there are several treatments available for underbite. These can range from wire and plastic braces to tooth removal if overcrowding of the teeth is the problem. Every dental health problem is unique to the individual and you can select one that suits your needs the best.

No matter what the issue is, one of the most widely loved and cutting-edge ways to treat underbite teeth are clear aligners. They are a hassle-free answer to any oral health-related problems. By gradually applying pressure to your teeth, clear aligners correct your underbite and straighten your teeth over a period of time.

You won't have to worry about discomfort or agony with underbite treatment if you opt for clear aligners. As opposed to conventional metal braces, clear aligners let you improve your smile without stress and without harming your cheeks or jaw.

It’s time to smile big!

By now you must have a good idea of what an underbite is and how to treat it, so let's examine your best course of action. Everyone's orthodontic health is distinct from one another, and requires individualised care. This can make selecting dental aligners for your teeth challenging but opting for clear aligners from toothsi is a great option.

toothsi is among the best brands of clear aligners worldwide. Their aligners are the ideal option for treating underbite teeth since they are not only convenient and comfortable, but also appealing.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit toothsi and give your smile the makeover it deserves!