What Professions Should You Choose if You Have Math Problems?

As a student, you must choose a job that matches your abilities and interests. Doing this helps you find rewarding careers with opportunities for advancement. Many jobs require math skills, while others emphasize organizational, interpersonal, or artistic abilities. 

If you want to choose a job that focuses on non-math skills, there are many jobs to choose from. Here are some options that allow professional advancements while earning a competitive salary. The best part is that they require minimal to no math skills.

What Professions Should You Choose if You Have Math Problems?

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapists need math as part of their research and studies. But you don't need this subject to work as an assistant for an experienced occupational therapist. 

Apricus Health, occupational therapists in Townsville state that the main job of an occupational therapy assistant is to assist an occupational therapist. You would help patients learn basic skills as part of their treatment. This is one of the most in-demand jobs right now.

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Dentists who specialize in orthodontics only need a basic level of math, and yet they earn good money. An orthodontist is a professional in charge of oral health. They focus on teeth and on different organs found in the oral cavity. 

As an orthodontist, you would have many responsibilities. These include the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral and dental disorders and diseases. You would also perform emergency and routine procedures to improve the oral health of patients.

What Professions Should You Choose if You Have Math Problems?

Marketing Manager

The main responsibility of marketing managers is to lead a team of marketing and advertising professionals. You would take charge of creating promotional materials. Also, you would plan sales campaigns for the organization. 

Marketing managers often work with marketing directors or some other senior managers. They plan the annual marketing calendar of the company and other special campaigns. There are other tasks involved, too, none of which involve much math.

Multimedia Designer

If you're facing difficulty in math subject, there is the option to become a multimedia designer. This occupation uses different types of media to create special effects in films, commercials, and the like. 

These media may include animation, audio, and graphic design. What's required for this job is a lot of artistic flair and creativity. Even if you have problems with math, you can thrive in this career.


A lawyer is a professional responsible for giving legal guidance, representation, and advice to clients. Depending on your specializations, you can have different responsibilities and titles. 

For instance, there are lawyers who specialize in specific areas of law. These include corporate, criminal, administrative, tax, international, commercial, and more. This job requires you to handle lots of documentation. Of course, there are lawyers who specialize in commercial operations. Such a career may involve math. But the level of math needed isn't very high.

Music Teacher

Music teachers teach students to read music sheets, play musical instruments, and perform on stage. Many know how to play various instruments too. When it comes to teaching, you would only focus on 1 or 2 areas of expertise. 

Included in the responsibilities of a music teacher is the creation of curriculums. You would also have to lead group classes or hold individual tutorial sessions. There is a need to assess the performance of your students by giving assessments. 

Web Developer

Designing websites doesn't require much math, either. You may work for an organization or for several individual clients. Some duties may include creating plans and writing website code. 

It's also required to test the features of the website and improve sites based on feedback. Web developers also design the visual elements of the website. This responsibility depends on the size of the project.


You may have heard your math teacher state the importance of understanding complicated formulas. Apparently, you need these to land a good job someday - but this isn't true at all. While having math skills is very important, there are many jobs that only require basic arithmetic. Some don't even need any kind of math at all. The jobs listed above don't require complex math skills, but they pay good salaries.

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