Devices that will improve MMO gaming

MMO continues its development in the gaming industry and attracts more and more new players.

Devices that will improve MMO gaming

The PC and console industry is also moving forward with more and more advanced technologies and features that gamers will want to try out.

It doesn't matter what MMO you play and what you do in it - get cheap wow classic gold, do not get out of raids, or destroy enemies - there are always devices that can improve your gaming. Let's talk about them.

Devices that can improve the gaming experience:

  • Game Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • SSD drive

Devices that will improve MMO gaming

Game Mouse

Modern gaming mouse are lightweight, compact, have colorful colors and, most importantly, what a gamer needs is additional programmable buttons.

What does this give us? The ability to make many game actions convenient due to being close to the hand, and automate many game mechanics through macro programming.

How it works - for example, for better farming of gold, you need to collect a large group of monsters, bring them to a certain zone and destroy them.

  1. You download the program that comes with the mouse and turn on the memorization of actions.
  2. With clear and correct movements, click in the right places on the game map so that the character overcomes the required distance and performs the required actions. If you need to rotate the camera for the correct process, do it. It is important to go through all the steps exactly.
  3. Press all the necessary skills and actions to destroy the group.

That's it - save the macro and if everything is done correctly - your character will run through all the checkpoints, collect monsters and destroy them in the allotted place.

And there are many other examples of the use of such macros - you are guaranteed to find a use for such mechanics.

Of course, earlier there was information that the administration could ban for such actions, but subsequently things did not go further than threats, since it is very difficult to track whether the actions are performed by the program, or by a live player.

Devices that will improve MMO gaming


Modern keyboards for games have similar functionality for MMO games, with a number of differences.

They have a macro system similar to a mouse, but without movement memories, since the keyboard does not have the functionality of clicking on the screen. But she can remember the movement that is performed by the keys.

The advantage of the keyboard will be the ability to prescribe a simpler, but better macro from a combination of game skills.

For example, when hunting monsters or in PVP, the magician uses six skills in a strict sequence.

We set up a macro - add all the skills in a list and save it with a binding to a convenient key.

That's all - as a result, we get a full-fledged procast of skills by pressing one key, and not six as it was before.

An important addition for the keyboard - there are two types of keyboards - mechanical and membrane.

  1. Mechanical - has a shorter response time due to the mechanical basis - the key gives information even without a full pressing cycle, but has a characteristic loud sound similar to old typewriters.
  2. Membrane - has a quiet sound, but a longer response due to pressing the key all the way.

The difference is calculated in milliseconds, but it may be critical for someone.

SSD drive

The SSD drive plays an important role in MMO gaming. The fact is that all game content is tied to the loading of the game world - potentially dangerous monsters and other players.

Not only the processor is responsible for this, but also the hard drive, and since the SSD, by its technology, has a data processing speed ten times higher, there will be a significant difference in loading the game world.

The ideal would be an SSD, which is installed directly on the motherboard - such a device will have an instant download speed.

What does this give us? For example, moving to a deliberately dangerous game zone, where you can collide with the enemy immediately at the teleportation site, you risk taking damage before the enemy loads and you can see him. The SSD reduces the loading speed to a few seconds, which gives a significant advantage in PVP.

For peaceful gaming purposes, SSD also plays a big role - all NPCs and merchants will load much faster even in large cities with a large number of players. You will be able to quickly find important goods and the right NPCs.