Home Renos: Basement Remodelling Trends in The Woodlands, TX

Growing up, your basement may have been a dark and dingy place that was only used for storage and a place to do laundry. That’s not the case anymore. Today, homeowners are finishing basements, turning that once unused space into livable square footage. Square footage that’s sure to raise property value when you have a home appraisal done. 

Home Renos: Basement Remodelling Trends in The Woodlands, TX

If you’re hoping to sell property quickly in the Woodlands, these basement remodeling trends are growing in popularity among its residents. 

Open concept basements are still trendy

Open concepts have been a popular trend among homeowners for many years and it’s making it’s way down to the basement. By keeping the basement’s floorplan open, you’re making the space feel that much larger, while still feeling connected. 

An open concept is ideal for small basements because it allows you to use every square foot of space. You can designate areas for entertaining, for a bar area, and so much more. 

Create a home theater

Movie theaters took a big hit during the COVID pandemic and that caused a surge of homeowners bringing the cinema experience to their homes. Some homeowners have created an enclosed theater room, complete with large projection screen, theater chairs, and surround sound. Other homeowners went the easier route by simply creating an open TV space with a large sofa, comfortable chairs, and high-quality media equipment. 

Turning the basement into a tricked-out guest suite

Whether you are trying to create a space for occasional guests or there’s going to be an elderly loved one moving in, the basement is getting the hospitable touch. Homeowners are creating a cozy space where guests or extended family can unwind, relax, and have all the comforts of home in their own private space. 

Some homeowners will put up a couple of walls to create a private bathroom and ensuite, while others are going the extra mile and are adding a kitchenette, a living space, and even a wet bar in addition to a bedroom and bathroom. 

Using the space for a home gym

Fitness minded homeowners are cancelling their gym memberships in favor of investing in gym equipment for their very own gym. The newly converted basement gym isn’t your grandma’s treadmill surrounded by cinderblock and concrete. Homeowners are making the space more luxurious by adding a sauna, a bathroom or shower area, a meditation area, and more.

Pale colors to brighten the space

Basements are known for being dark, dingy, and not the happiest place to be. That’s not the case anymore! Homeowners are using light, bright colors (and lots of recessed lighting) to make the space as cheery as possible. The top color trends for 2022 recommend using pale pink, pastel yellow, or off-white paint. If the idea of being surrounded by light and bright colors bores you, you can always add pops of color through the furniture, accessories, wall-art and throw rugs. 

The basement isn’t that place where only the spiders and creepy-crawlies live. The basement is finally getting the respect and attention it deserves. If you’re hoping to sell your property quickly, you can’t go wrong with a finished basement!