How Long Can an Electric Kick Scooter Run

How Long Can an Electric Kick Scooter Run

Electric kick scooters can be a fun way to get around the city. They can be speedy and zippy little things for those who have good balance and can stand for long periods. Like anything that is electric and runs on battery power, the time they can run will vary. Run time can depend on battery size, motor size, speed, usage, and weight. So, let’s look at some kick scooters and how long they can run. 

What is an Electric Kick Scooter

On a general basis, a kick scooter would be a human-powered scooter. It will have a deck, wheels, and a handlebar for steering. The rider would typically stand on the deck and use one of their feet to make the scooter move using a kick-like motion. However, an electric kick scooter does not use human power to power it. It will use a small motor that is powered by a battery. 

An electric kick scooter will be styled just like a non-electric kick scooter, except for having a motor and battery. This design has made the kick scooter an effortless ride and a prevalent mode of transportation. An electric kick scooter will move faster than a human-powered one. 

What Makes an Electric Kick Scooter Popular

Well, that is a simple answer. You do not have to put physical effort into powering the scooter, and making it move has made it famous. It is an excellent mode of transportation for busy city travel. It can be used by commuters working doing deliveries. Electric kick scooters are great for the hustle and bustle of busy streets and sidewalks, and they can be easily maneuvered around town and in tight spaces. 

Electric kick scooters are generally desired because of their lightweight, compact, and easy-to-store design. Nothing big and bulky about them, even with their battery and motor. They are quickly becoming preferred by city messengers and young tourists touring popular city destinations. They often provide a smooth ride and a quick way to get from point A to point B and enjoy the scenery. Their only downfall is that most are not designed to be rugged and taken on trail rides and off the beaten path. 

Where Can Electric Kick Scooters be Found

In busy metropolitan cities, beaches and tourist destinations are the most popular places to find electric kick scooters. People with a good sense of balance are using them for touring the city, cruising along beach walks, and even down some of the most famous boardwalks. They can be used in crowded places as they are quiet and easily maneuverable. 

I have used electric kick scooters to tour the shops and sights along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, and The Boardwalk along the Jersey Shore, and I have taken a cruise through central park on one. Let’s look at some of the most preferred electric kick scooters today. 

Mankeel M090

With 8.5-inch solid rubber tires designed for less wear and tear, this little scooter is lightweight, compact, and fun to ride. It boasts a 36V battery offering a top speed of 21 kilometers per hour. The Mankeel M090 folding electric scooter gives the choice of three speeds and an LED smart display. 

This machine offers a rear-wheel mechanical footbrake and a front electronic handbrake on the handlebars. It has a shock-absorbing suspension, with rear light and steering lights. All of its settings and data can be retrieved in an app simply downloaded to your smartphone. This electric kick scooter is not only lightweight and compact, but it is also budget-friendly, coming in under $700. 

Razor EcoSmart Metro 36V

Another 36V electric scooter, yet slightly different as it does offer a seat for sitting and riding rather than standing. This Razor EcoSmart Metro 36V electric scooter, offers a bamboo deck, rear basket mounted over the tire, and 16-inch wheels. With its battery and motor system, you can travel up to 18 miles per hour and about 12 miles on a single charge. That alone makes this little scooter perfect for people of all ages. 

The larger tires make this little scooter perfect for uneven terrain. It has a grip twist, throttle, and handbrake. Overall it is a little heavier than other scooters because of the added weight of the seat. It is not meant for long rides, as it only offers about 40 minutes of continuous use at max speed. The price tag on this little guy is budget-friendly, coming in priced around $629. This electric kick scooter would be perfect for a cruise down the beach walk. 

Yume Y11 60V

This scooter is far from minor and is a beast of an electric kick scooter. This scooter will zip along at speeds of up to 50 mph. You can get up to 50 miles of travel on a single charge. This Yume Y11 60V folding electric kick scooter is zippy and challenging, with a rugged design to handle uneven and bumpy terrain. 

It is foldable for easy storage and has off-road tires to handle the bumps and humps of uneven terrain. It was designed with double spring front and rear suspension to ensure an easy ride. It was given front and rear hydraulic brakes to maximize stopping power. This electric kick scooter is an absolute beast in build and durability. It weighs just over 100 pounds with a price tag of around $1700. 

In Conclusion

Regardless of the price, electric kick scooters are a tremendous quick-trip mode of transportation. There are various styles and models on the market ranging in price from under $700 to well over $2000. They are sporty, fun, and fabulous in tight or crowded places. They can just as fun on wide-open paved trails or paths to tour or escape. 

The effort to use manpower to move one of these gadgets has been taken away and replaced with a battery and motor. So, whether you are looking to tour a busy city or take a cruise through central park, there is an electric kick scooter out there waiting on you. You won’t regret purchasing one with which to get around and see the sights. 

About the author: Trevor James is the founder and owner of Mobility Paradise, a one-stop shop for mobility scooters, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, lift chairs, saunas, steam showers, massage tables, exercise equipment, electric bikes, massage chairs, and bathtubs. Years ago, Trevor’s grandma had an accident that made her dependent on a wheelchair; this forced Trevor and his family to put her into an elderly care facility. Since then, Trevor would visit her to take a walk around the neighborhood. Mobility Paradise was created because Trevor couldn’t find an online store that offers a wide selection of mobility equipment and educational resources. What started as a business focusing on mobility scooters grew to include all kinds of mobility products.