How to Search for a Business on WhatsApp and Register in Directory

We are in modern world, now this time is of technology and social media. We use technology and social media in every field of life as in social, school, college, family or in business life. WhatsApp gives you the way to search and find business on it and register in directory.

How to Search for a Business on WhatsApp and Register in Directory

After getting under Meta WhatsApp has introduced many useful features that are of great help in our social as well as in our business life. In this article we will share how can you search a business on WhatsApp and register in directory.

How to Search for a Business on WhatsApp and Register in Directory

You may search for well known business profiles via WhatsApp very easily and can save your time and facilitate your self at home. Here is how you can.

By WhatsApp Business Directory

WhatsApp Business directory is the most easy and recommended way to search for a business on WhatsApp. To do so follow these steps:
  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. From the bottom click the New Chat button.
  3. There you will have the option "Find businesses", go to More under this option.
  4. Now, set the location to find businesses:
  5. You may share your current location or only while using the app or just once. Or
  6. You may select the Not Now option and then manually select the location.
  7. When you set up the location, go to New Chat option again, and you may now search for the business you are looking for from here. To filter the search results, you may use the sub-categories.
  8. You may remove any search that you don't find to be interested in by tapping on the Cross next to it.
  9. You will find the business you are looking for now, then tap on it to start the chat.
You may also search for any business via web search. You can easily find WhatsApp number of any business via web and start to chat with that business profile.

Way to Register WhatsApp Business on WhatsApp Register Directory

To be in touch with more customers and to expand your WhatsApp business if you want your business to be registered in WhatsApp Register Directory you must fall in this criteria:
  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Business on your smartphone, (it is currently available for Android phone and will be introduced for iOS early in future)
  • Only businesses from Sao Paulo (Brazil) can register currently.(will expand globally very soon)
If you meet this eligibility criteria then, follow these steps to register your business on WhatsApp Business Directory:
  1. Open WhatsApp Business on your smartphone.
  2. From the top right tap on the More Options, >Business Tools >Business Directory.
  3. Now, review and edit your business profile if it is needed. Fill in your business details. Resubmit application if you update any details about your business. You will fill in your details as your Name, Category, Profile Picture, Description about the business, Address, Business Hours.
  4. Now, press Next to enter the valid registration number (CNPJ Number if from Sao Paulo) of your business. Click Submit.
  5. If any further information is required you will be notified. Your business will be added to the directory when application will be approved.
So, the article tells how to search for any business on WhatsApp and how to register your business on WhatsApp Business Directory in easy and safe method.
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