How to Surprise Your Girlfriend Away From Home on Valentine's Day

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend Away From Home on Valentine's Day

The history of Valentine's Day grows out of legends that have come to us through the centuries. One of the first popular symbols of Valentine's Day is Cupid, the Roman god of love, represented by a boy with a bow and arrow. If you are in love, this day is an excellent chance to surprise your lady and make your feelings even brighter! We have selected several ideas of how you can surprise your girlfriend. You can also combine them! Even if you are far away from your lady, you can still utilize the majority of them. Also, remember that heart balloons will make your date unforgettable by adding a romantic atmosphere. So, let's take a look at some ideas.

Prepare a quest with tasks and gifts 

If your soulmate loves various riddles and puzzles, come up with a fun quest for her with various tasks. They can be written on small pieces of paper and placed throughout the apartment (or outdoors). Prepare a small present for each riddle you solve or task you complete. It can be chocolate, valentine, rose, or any other gift of your choice.

Gift certificate

Some men every year give their ladies gift certificates for going to various events and procedures. Dig around on the Internet, and you will definitely find services that sell certificates for horseback riding, visiting a spa, going to a dolphinarium, etc. In addition to the gift, you will provide an opportunity for your beloved to get a lot of positive impressions. And it's worth it!

Organize a flash mob for the girl

To prepare for such a surprise, you need to think over the route of your walk in advance and ask your friends (or strangers, but this is more difficult and may cost you a penny) to be somewhere nearby. At some point, they should appear one at a time and give your girlfriend flowers, balloons, or small gifts. She will remember it for a long time, trust us!

Box of favorite treats

In some cases, it is enough to take a gift box and fill it with various goodies that your soulmate is not indifferent to. This gift will be especially pleasant for girls who are on a diet and rarely allow themselves sweets. Give your loved one a day off! You can complement this gift with various romantic inscriptions and notes with pleasant compliments, etc.

Joint photo session

Girls who cannot imagine their life without selfies and photographs will surely like a photo shoot. This gift can be made even more pleasant if you present it unexpectedly. For example, rent a studio, send a courier with a new dress and a mysterious note for your lady.

Romantic dinner

This method is a classic of the genre, but if you have no other ideas and opportunities for a more creative gift, it will do. Ladies like romantic dinners a lot: some balloons, rose petals, and snacks will be enough to make her happy. Most importantly, do not forget the key attributes – candles, tablecloths, pleasant music, etc. Although, as an alternative, a romantic dinner on February 14 can also be arranged in a restaurant.

Order delivery of her favorite dish if the girl is far away

And in the event that your girlfriend is in another city or country at the moment, and you cannot meet on February 14, order the delivery of her favorite dish, for example, pizza or sushi. Complete your present with a note, any gift, or a bouquet of flowers. In the evening, call by video call and arrange a virtual date.