Instagram is testing “Gifts” a new monetization feature for creators

Instagram is a platform where most influencers from around the globe post their photos and videos to engage with their fan following and supporters.

Instagram is testing “Gifts” a new monetization feature for creators
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There are people who love to see more and more from their favorite celebrities and influencers and they also want to give them more than a like or a comment.

People want to give them more than reactions and it can count in cash or in a new way as Instagram dubbed “Gifts”.

Yes, Instagram (owned by Meta) is internally testing a new feature called “Gifts” that will enable you to give your favorite influencer some money that they can receive as an appreciation for their content.

Creators will be able to make more money for their content without having to partner with brands or promote paid products.

Meta spokesperson shared that Instagram is working on a new feature called “Gifts” as it was first found by Alessandro Paluzzi who shared the feature titled “Content Appreciation” and is now renamed to “Gifts”.

Instagram is in the race with its biggest rival “TikTok” and owing to that, the company is introducing more and more similar features.

As TikTok already has a feature that enables users to send gifts as an appreciation token to the best creators or their favorite creators on the platform and those gifts can be converted into money at the creator’s accounts. Instagram is testing

almost the same feature for their own platform as Facebook already released a similar feature for reels and videos on the platform.

So, chances are the Instagram Gifts feature is going to release very soon but for today, it is under development and we don’t have further information regarding the same.