Ronnie Teja - eCommerce Business Expert

In the era ofthe online world, people are performing duties as being entitled to the list of successful entrepreneurs.Ronnie Teja is one who comes to the top of serial entrepreneurs and believes that in the present era starting multiple businesses is the best option to generate more revenue instead of having a single startup.As being best with having a plethora of expertise and skills in the field of eCommerce businesshe inspires people that becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a herculean task even if you have a poor family and no online background. 

Ronnie Teja - eCommerce Business Expert

More about Ronnie Teja

Ronnie Teja is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in multiple industries such as e-commerce and counting. Ronnie is one who knows the success recipe of growing and starting abusiness in numerous industries and being successful for the long run. He is currently having ownership of many e-commerce websites. More Interestingly, he is leading a highly professional team with 75+ worldwide employees.

How Did Ronnie Teja get Started on His Journey?

Everyone has a different journey but the story of Ronnie is very inspirational and unusual than most. His career starts when he picks blueberries and then gets encouraged to do something that can startle the world. He started to learn digital marketing and eventually hegot a role as a marketing manager in the retail bank of Canada at HSBC. 

After having this post, he decided to move to BestBuy where he learned everything about eCommerce and got a completely changed experience from the previous one. Here he came to know about an insight of diverse marketing and fast-paced. Plenty of experience and huge potential makes him release that he has the capability to start his own business. Remarkably, finally, he made a decision starting of his own business. In the end, he launched Ronnie Teja Branzio which becomes his first venture solo. 

How Did Ronnie Teja overcome Obstacles? 

The first six months of his journey were very disturbing for him, it was just like he had almost beenbestowed with all possible obstacles. The very first obstacle he went through was the copycat brand that was using the same logo and designs. The following issues occurred with design, shipping and product mold. This could be very irritating to stop a business line but not for Ronnie. He kept the focus on the target and doubled his efforts to transform his business to the exact place that he promised himself. 

It was the time when Ronnie was loving to stay alone no one is there whom he can rely upon and believe. He was no longer getting possible vibes after being deceived by many trustworthy people. But he took the leap of faith with both feet and started his way with the energy and hope that he had at first. 

Ronnie’s Present Achievements

Ronnie is a founder of Branzio Watches and an online entrepreneur who runs different e-commerce businesses in many industries.He has numerous digital skills and many years of experience to grow online ventures. Ronnie has a great level of energy and power of hours to motivate people to become successful entrepreneurs. 

He has also great popularity as an eCommerce coach and speaking expertise to help different entrepreneurs grow their businesses greatly. He has shared very fruitful tips and knowledge about eCommerce so that online business owners can thrive and survive in the digital world. Ronnie keeps a plethora of knowledge about website development or digital marketing.

What is the Mission Of Ronnie Teja?

Ronnie Teja e-commerce is the best platform where customers can have honest reviews, high-quality products, and good customer support. He identifies that being transparent and honest is a great way to build credibility and trust in the competitive business land. Looking for advanced and new ways to enhance customers’ experience on eCommerce websites is one of Ronnie’s missions and he wants to make e-commerce efficient, easier, and accessible for all small businesses and online entrepreneurs in the whole world. He is very passionate to incorporate advanced tools and technologies on his website for having a positive impact on the industry where he works. 

Ronnie is considered a man with great entrepreneurial skills and a strong working ethic. He is a great inspiration to online businesses and especially for the people who are going to join the E-commerce industry.