7 Reasons To Get a Custom Night Guard For Your Teeth

According to statistics, oral diseases affect almost 3.5 billion people, although most are largely preventable. Oral health is vital in one's life, especially since treating oral diseases is expensive and not included in universal health coverage.

7 Reasons To Get a Custom Night Guard For Your Teeth

As a result, most people take necessary care of their teeth to minimize the chances of getting oral conditions. For instance, some get custom night guards for teeth to prevent bruxism, a condition where the teeth grind or clench involuntarily when someone is asleep. With time, bruxism loosens fillings and causes broken teeth and enamel loss.

As a result, your teeth become sensitive to cold and hot liquids and food. That is why getting a custom night guard for teeth is important. Here are its benefits.

1. Strong and Durable

Unlike store-bought mouth guards, custom night guards for teeth last longer and are stronger. They are also less bulky and more stable, making them a comfortable solution for you.

2. Adequate Protection

Custom night guards are made to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring your teeth are adequately protected from the adverse effects of teeth clenching and grinding. In addition, the quality of custom night guards for teeth is uncompromised and ensures the mouth guard serves you effectively for longer. In addition, a custom night guard's perfect fit ensures your teeth do not shift from the pressure your jaw places on them.

3. Easy to Use

Custom night guards for teeth are easy to wear and remove in the comfort of your home in less than five minutes. The convenience and simplicity of use make the guard a favorite for many.

4. Prevents Snoring

When you clench your teeth at night, you cannot breathe properly while you sleep because clenching narrows the airway. A narrowed airway results in snoring. So, using a custom night guard for teeth will keep your jaws separated and open the airway to ensure you get enough air and better sleep.

5. Reduces Headaches

Most people who experience bruxism suffer from frequent headaches since part of the head is usually under pressure all night. These headaches are an adverse effect of bruxism that can be minimized using a custom night guard.

6. Reduces Jaw Pain

With bruxism, your jaws stay active the entire night as you grind your teeth. This can be tiring, and you will notice that your jaws are sore in the morning. However, using a custom night guard for teeth reduces this pain, making it vital for people with bruxism.

7. Improved Sleep Quality

With a clenched jaw all night, you are most likely not getting a good night's sleep. So, wearing a custom night guard stops you from clenching or grinding your teeth as you sleep, ensuring you get better and restful sleep.


Bruxism is a common issue that can cause many health problems. Luckily, with a custom night guard for teeth, your jaw gets the perfect cover, and your teeth are protected from the negative effects of bruxism. So, a custom night guard is a worthy investment since it is comfortable, protects your teeth, and enables you to breathe properly.

When you're ready to get yours, you can check out this dentist Vineland to get started.