Doratoon - A Free Animation Maker for Creating Business Cards in 2022

Are you looking to make a powerful first impression with your clients and business associates? Your business card can do a lot of the talking. You can show your brand in the best light with a professional-looking business card.

But now, if you want to promote your company, you don't have to limit yourself to paper business cards. As a fact, you can try a different way to make a vivid e-card for your business, and it is super-easy to create one using a free animation maker like Doratoon.

So, what is Doratoon? Why should you use it to make your business cards? What are its unique features? Read this post to find answers to your questions.

Doratoon: The Best Animation Maker to Create Business Cards for Free

Doratoon - A Free Animation Maker for Creating Business Cards in 2022

Doratoon is your number one go-to when it comes to making anything related to animation. Whether you want to create a business e-card with vivid and moving objects or a printable version, this animated video maker offers the perfect tools and features for a seamless design.

You do not require any design skills or expertise to create your business card with this animation maker. The best part is you can make it for free. With thousands of templates to choose from, there is no limitation to how creative you can get to showcase your business through your business card.

Doratoon also lets you create a 2D animation style for your business e-cards. You can include this in your email signature and other digital correspondences you create and send to your clients.

How to Create Business Cards for Free with Doratoon

Step 1: Visit the official Doratoon website to sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Browse through the library of customizable templates and select a preferred template.

Step 3: Use the editing tools to customize your chosen templates with your details.

Step 4: Preview the business card you created and download it on your computer.

You can use Doratoon to create a printable business Card. For this, simply download the card as a JPEG or PNG. You can also use the software to make an animation and make a GIF version business e-card for your digital email marketing.

Why Use Doratoon to Create Business Cards in 2022

Without a doubt, there are dozens of effective animation makers you can consider. So, why should you choose the Doratoon animation creator? What is so special about this tool to make it a top recommendation for creating business cards in 2022?

Well, the answer is in its numerous features. Doratoon is a feature-rich tool with millions of assets and exciting features to make creating your animated business e-card and printable cards very seamless and easy. Let us look at some of these features.

  • Thousands of Customizable Templates

Why do you have to design a business card from scratch when you can choose from thousands of customizable templates? Doratoon offers a large library of templates, including animated and static designs you can explore. You will find the perfect design that suits your business profile and brand personality.

  • Thousands of Background Images

As mentioned, you can create printable or animated business cards with Doratoon. It offers you thousands of background images covering different themes, colors, designs, and styles to choose from.

Even if you do not want to do too much editing, you can find a template that will work perfectly for your business card idea. All you have to do is import your business logo and edit the brand name, address, and other personal details.

  • Over a Thousand Animated Characters

If you are looking to create a digital business card, an animated design will be a great choice. To give it more character, you can explore the large library of animated characters to find the best that suits your brand. It is all about bringing your business card to life and creating something unique and creative to appeal to your target audience.

AI Drawing

You may also want to add an element of traditional creativity to give your business card a pencil-on-paper feel. The AI Drawing tool will do the magic for you. You can create a perfect shape or drawing using this feature. It does not matter the shape or sketch you want to achieve. Simply give the outline and the AI Drawing tool will suggest the right shape or drawing for you.

Doratoon has millions of assets, including 2D and 3D background images, stock videos and photos, stock props, and animated characters with facial expressions. You can explore all these assets to create a powerful business card to connect your brand to your audience.

Doratoon - A Free Animation Maker for Creating Business Cards in 2022

Tips for Creating Business Cards with Doratoon

Branding is a critical consideration for creating any brand collateral. It is the same with your business card because it is what most clients and associates hold on to as a contact to your organization. Therefore, it deserves the best attention to put your brand in the best light. Here are tips to use when creating your business cards.

  • Add Your Brand Elements

These include your brand logo, brand colors, and fonts. All of these are integral components of your brand personality. Therefore, they must feature on your business card. You can have these ready and upload them to Doratoon when creating your card, or you can use the materials on Doratoon site. It is best to have your logo in the right size and color resolution to avoid distortion.

  • Remove Unnecessary Elements

If it is not adding anything to your brand, do not add it to your business card design. Whether you are creating a printable card or a digital card, you must be mindful of the space constraint. You have minimal space to sell your brand. Therefore, you should use it judiciously. Do not add unimportant elements to your design. Only focus on what matters.

  • Proof-read before Printing or Rendering

Nothing puts off a business prospect like spelling errors. The logic is, if you cannot pay attention to details in creating something as important as your business card, then you are unlikely to handle your clients’ businesses well. To avoid embarrassment and business denial, read through the content of your card before printing or rendering it.

Use Doratoon to Create Free Business Cards

Doratoon offers all assets you need to create a beautiful and professional-looking business card. It is easy to use with its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editing tools. You can create your first business card within minutes with Doratoon animation creator.