How to Save Energy in Your Vacation Rental?

There has been a steady increase in utility costs over the last several months, and it seems that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. After the hardships of the previous two pandemic years, owners of holiday rentals like Ibiza Villas are feeling the effects of increased energy expenses. Though energy costs are on the increase, you may still use our advice to save money each month.

How to Save Energy in Your Vacation Rental?

Unplug devices when not in use

You need to have Guest welcome book. This book has an access instructions and emergency contact numbers. Most of us are accused of leaving unused electrical items plugged in to the wall. Still, they use power even when turned off. So, please remind your visitors to turn off any unused electronics such as toasters, desktop computers, audio players, and chargers. It's excellent for the host, and it's good for the planet! 

Use LED Bulb

Light bulbs with energy-saving features may reduce energy consumption by as much as 75% when compared to standard incandescent lights. LED light bulbs and dimmable systems are just two examples of available solutions that may help you save money on your electric bill.

Locally sourced supplies

Purchasing local supplies for your vacation rental is a great way to reduce shipping and transportation costs and lower your carbon footprint. You'll also be supporting local businesses and artists. In addition, you'll save money by using reusable supplies, which are more sustainable than disposable ones.

Even small changes to your vacation rental can make a big difference. You can switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs, and install smart locks. Even the simplest changes can save energy and save money.

Natural light

Vacation homes in cloudy regions shouldn't have the sun blocked out. Do away with drapes and shades in the dining room if you don't need privacy, and open the windows in the living room to get some fresh air and sunlight. Use natural light effectively; learn from places in Northern Europe that have huge windows. Since the sun shines for the majority of the year in the south, it's best to keep the rooms in your holiday home as dark as possible.

This manner, customers can keep cool without spending as much on cooling costs. Placing a bucket of water in a corner of the room may serve as a humidifier if you don't want to use one. Wood and floating planks are more suited to colder areas, while limestone, marble, and terracotta tiles will keep you cool in the summer.

Maintenance and repairs

A proactive approach to vacation rental maintenance and repairs is the key to increasing your efficiency and reducing the workload during the high season. The reactive approach is inefficient and expensive. It forces property managers to spend more time fixing items than they do on preventive maintenance. This can cost you thousands of dollars.

Ensure you keep an open line of communication with your Channel manager and maintenance staff. By maintaining a clear line of communication, both parties can identify problems quickly. Also, make sure you share daily schedules so you know when something needs to be fixed.