iPhone 14 Couldn't Differ a Car Accident from a Roller Coaster Ride

Apple touted the crash detection feature as the best-ever feature introduced in iPhone and people are reporting its disabilities to distinguish rollercoaster rides from car crashes.

iPhone 14 Couldn't Differ a Car Accident from a Roller Coaster Ride

iPhone users are turning to Twitter and other social media platforms to share how iPhone’s Crash Detection feature is failing to predict if it is a crash or just a fun ride on a roller coaster.

However, Apple is not accepting reality and denying the reports from actual iPhone 14 users who reported wrong SOS Calls that iPhones make when there’s no crash in reality.

Seeing this, many public parks and rollercoaster owners are showing sign boards and alert signals to ask their visitors not to take their iPhones with them or at least put the device on Airplane Mode to avoid false crash reporting.

It is also becoming a privacy concern as iPhone 14 could easily record your audio, location, and time that the device sends to authorities claiming that you just ran into a crash.

Such false reporting can actually destroy your day out and even make you fall into extra investigations as Police sometimes don’t focus on the wrongs of devices and interrogate the owners of their kidding with law and order.

Not just iPhone models, but Apple Smartwatch also does the same with wrong crash detections and registers the rollercoaster rides as a crash.

As people report more and more wrong crash detections, Apple needs to see their software again and release and update it to make it capable of real-life events.

Opinion: Unless Apple does it, the current software version could make more harm than solve problems of human lives.