The main reasons to hire a dedicated development team instead of freelancers

Working relationships have no boundaries nowadays. You can easily hire a specialist from another city or even country. If the candidate has unique professional competence, advanced Language skills, and extraordinary personal features, then the distance isn't a problem.

The main reasons to hire a dedicated development team instead of freelancers

But there is another popular dilemma many companies face nowadays. They doubt whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated development team for a new project. Spoiler: it's better to work with dedicated specialists like jatapp than freelancers, and we'll explain why. Why should you hire a development team? The development of US companies is outsourced by more than 68%. In the UK, 48% of businesspeople are now outsourcing, with more than 70% of them wanting to. Using the model of outsourced software teams, large and medium-sized enterprises wish to outsource their internal development according to Sloboda Studio research for a variety of reasons:
  • Launching a New Product
  • Long-Term Projects with Updates
  • Scaling
  • Companies with a Limited Budget

A brief overview of freelancers and outsourcing teams

A freelancer is an individual working remotely and providing clients with services in various fields. One of the most popular spheres is web design, web development, and app development. Hiring a freelancer is a rational decision in several cases. For instance, your project is short-term, all requirements are fixed, your budget is limited, etc. 

But in most cases, to hire dedicated developers is a wiser choice. A dedicated team is a group of professionals keen on the exact area of the IT industry. This is literally the remote office you have that would work for your project full-time. 

Usually, it's better to work with a dedicated development team if:

– your project is long-term and requires massive working recourses;

– you need to attract specialists to 2 and more projects at the same time;

– you may change your requirements and features of your project;

– you consider the quality of work to be critical for the success of your project;

– your budget allows you to hire dedicated development team and pay employees for months. 

Also, keep in mind the working schedule. A freelancer is a free, part-time worker who participates in your project but doesn't belong to your team. At the same time, a dedicated employee works full-time and integrates into your company. 

Why choose a dedicated team instead of a freelancer

It's fair to say that companies may still prefer working with freelancers even if they value quality, long-term relationships, have a budget, etc. That's because old-fashioned managers miss the significant cons of a freelancer and the spectacular pros of dedicated specialists. In most cases, a dedicated team is a must, and here are the main reasons why.

Reason #1. Thorough and full-scale expertise

An average freelancer is a niche-oriented specialist. He or she may be a true master but likely in one or several fields. A dedicated development team for hire is a group of people who have versatile experiences, backgrounds, qualifications, etc. 

As a result, the competence of dedicated employees is much wider. A client may hire a team and be sure to receive all the required services. There is no need to hire an independent expert for different tasks because a team of experts is ready to complete them fast and comprehensively. 

Reason #2. Responsible approach

Responsibility is a key feature of an employee. But if you can control your permanent staff in the office day by day, there is no such opportunity in your relationship with outsourcing employees. 

That's true that liability is one of their weakest sides. A freelancer may disappear and not respond to your messages. So dedicated developers as a remote unit are much more responsible and loyal. Plus, you can sign a contract to establish the official side of your relationships and don't worry about liability.

Reason #3. Online reputation

It's fair to say that freelancers and dedicated employees are concerned about reputation. It matters in remote work as much as resumes and portfolios. But because of the lack of liability, freelancers couldn't provide you with the required assistance and often sacrifice their reputation for personal reasons.

A dedicated team can't afford such behavior. Reputation is one of the key features of how outsourcing units apply for new projects. Also, a project manager in such a team can always replace a member if any unexpected situation occurs. 

Reason #4. A complete dedication

The main reasons to hire a dedicated development team instead of freelancers

As the name and definition suggest, a dedicated development team services are meant to invest (and dedicate) all the skills, attention, knowledge, and competence in your project. Their goal is to complete all tasks and satisfy clients. 

Thanks to such an approach, dedicated developers are known as the most responsible and result-oriented. They will do their best to reach spectacular results, earn extra points for their reputation, and get hired for the next project. 

Reason #5. All-time availability

You want to communicate with your dedicated team freely, without issues, and misunderstandings. But the format of hybrid cooperation may cause problems in communication. Especially, if you and your employee are located in different time zones.

Yes, you can always communicate in Teams, Zoom, Telegram, Skype, and other channels. But compared to a freelancer, professional dedicated software development teams are working full-time and available during fixed hours. 

Reason #6. Follow-up support

Depending on the type and particularities of your project, it may require more or less frequent support. But there is no way it would be exciting without supporting services at all. Frankly speaking, it would be a pity to ruin the whole project only because it doesn't have follow-up support. 

Unfortunately, freelancers don't provide their former clients with further assistance. Fortunately, dedicated outsourcing developers do. You may add this service to your contract and be sure about future support for your IT product. 

Reason #7. Up-to-date scalability

No project exists in a closed space. Sometimes you need to make changes, pause the workflow, or intensify it. Your budget may vary, and your personal reasons could affect your business. That's a reality that demands flexibility from any business flexibility.

That's another hidden reason why a developers outsourcing dedicated team is more popular than freelancers. A client can communicate with a project manager and discuss future changes. You can select the appropriate features of your cooperation and don't ruin the whole project. 

Now it seems obvious why many companies prefer hiring dedicated teams. Moreover, such companies keep growing and scaling thanks to such a decision. Besides, these 7 impressive reasons confirm that working with outsourcing employees is a beneficial option in the IT industry.