What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

As one of the most popular entertainment options for your special day, a platinum DJ can spin all your favorite songs and keep your guests on their feet. But did you know that this is really just the beginning? When it comes to entertainment for your wedding, you do have some options. You could hire a live band or just have a cousin or friend manage the laptop playlist. But more and more couples are choosing wedding DJs for a variety of reasons. While a wedding DJ will certainly play all your favorite songs and keep the energy right, they can also do so much more for your special day.

What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

Here, we’re taking a closer look at all the different ways that a wedding DJ can truly make your day memorable. From playing your favorite songs to serving as a host and emcee, there’s truly a lot that these entertainment professionals can do for your wedding. 

What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

So many couples opt for a wedding DJ, compared to other entertainment options, because they really do so much more than just hit “play” on your playlist. In fact, hiring a wedding DJ is such a smart option because they really do quite a bit to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and that everyone has an amazing experience.

What can a wedding DJ do for your big day? Just take a look:

1. Lead the entertainment: of course, this is the most obvious one on our list. Your wedding DJ will handle all the music needs for your entire event. From a light ballad for when your guests arrive to the final song of your reception, they’ll ensure that you hear all the songs you want to hear. Since your wedding DJ will handle all your entertainment needs, this means you can focus on actually enjoying the day and preserving each and every memory.

2. Make important announcements: they say that at your own wedding, you’re lucky if you get a chance to eat a piece of cake. With so much going on, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks as you try to do it all. One important thing that’s easy to overlook is making necessary announcements to help keep guests on track between parts of the wedding. For example, it’s important for guests to know.

3. Make your guests feel at home: when you bring together so many different friends, family members, and other loved ones, it can sometimes be a challenge to make everyone mix well together. And with so much to do already, this burden shouldn’t fall onto the shoulders of the bride or groom. But believe it or not, a wedding DJ can help you with that, too. By serving as an emcee for the event, they’ll make guests feel welcome and a bit more at ease by bringing people together, providing directions, and even cracking the occasional joke or two.

4. Take requests: everyone should have the chance to hear their favorite songs at a wedding—and this doesn’t just include the bride and groom. While, of course, they should have priority when it comes to choosing song selection, it’s fun to allow guests and friends to jump into the mix too and make some requests. With a live band, they may not be prepared to play anything on the fly. With a wedding DJ, however, their music catalog will be so extensive that odds are your guests will be pleased. When it’s so easy to tap into almost any genre or song, you can also create a diverse playlist for the evening that tunes into the changing moods of the evening. Start soft and slow for the ceremony and let those tunes crank for the reception afterward.

5. Provide top-notch A/V equipment: another great advantage to hiring a professional wedding DJ is that they will usually provide all their own equipment. And this doesn’t just mean a laptop and some basic speakers. Many of the top wedding DJs have an extensive amount of audio and even video gear to create a truly special event. When interviewing, you can ask about what type of equipment they use to get a better feel for the scope of what they can provide. This also saves you from having to purchase any audio equipment or worry about the hassle of getting it all setup. And after all, when paying for a wedding, isn’t cutting out one more expense truly a top priority?

6. Offer music advice and recommendations: while we all have a few favorite songs we know we want to hear, some couples may not be sure how to fill out a playlist for an entire evening of music. So what are you to do? Luckily, you’ve hired a wedding DJ who can also serve as your music expert. 

Conclusion – What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

We all know that a wedding DJ is your choice for musical entertainment for your special day. They’re the music pros who can put together a fantastic playlist to keep your guests on their feet during the reception and practically bring them to tears during the main ceremony. But did you know that managing and performing a stellar playlist is just the beginning of what these professionals can offer for your big day?

In addition to playing music, wedding DJ entertainment can do a lot. They can serve as an emcee throughout your entire evening to provide a bit of personality for the event. They can guide guests throughout the evening by offering key announcements and they can help everyone feel more at ease and comfortable mingling. A great wedding DJ isn’t just a great musician, but a compelling personality, as well. They can also offer music recommendations, provide top-notch audio and video equipment, and do everything they can to ensure everyone has a great time.