5 Impressive Techniques for Becoming Secure from Surveillance and Bug

Surveillance means secretly continuously watching and monitoring the activities of a person, a place, or an object to collect data and information about their identity and activities. Different types of surveillance methods were used like static surveillance, foot surveillance, mobile surveillance, and technical surveillance. To detect and recognize the surveillance, counter-surveillance techniques were used.

5 Impressive Techniques for Becoming Secure from Surveillance and Bug

Counter surveillance is defined as the practice of detecting whether you are being watched. Counter Surveillance is a tricky technique that is used to recognize and detect ongoing surveillance to make suitable countermeasures. The main goal of this technique is to trick the attacker and make the attacker unsuccessful by ending the surveillance. Some surveillance techniques can take weeks or months of information gathering regarding tasks.

Counter Surveillance Tactics or techniques

Counter surveillance measures start from basic to the highly expensive and sophisticated range to detect your attacker and provide them false information to divert their attention from weak points in your security. People used counter surveillance tactics to reduce the risk of surveillance that may be creating harmful situations in the future. There is a set action that is used for the detection of surveillance courses. By following these counter-surveillance techniques anyone can make their home and office safe and can end up someone trapped.

Body Language

If you feel that you are being watched by someone continuously in front of your house or place then you should make an appearance that you are looking around and swiveling your head. This counter-surveillance technique will send a message that you are active and aware of the watcher.

Know Your Surroundings

In this counter-surveillance technique, you should check for any suspicious spot or vehicle parked near your house or place and note down which routes to avoid. In this way, you make it difficult for your attacker to locate and follow you. When you know about possible attack premises or sites and checkpoints, the next thing is to test the attackers. If you feel that something is going on, immediately contact the police and report the suspicious activity.

Avoid straight routes

In counter surveillance the best way to avoid surveillance is not to use habitual routes. Counter surveillance teams usually select long routes for travel and take notice of their vehicles' movements.

Drive in the right Lane

The best way to counter-surveillance to avoid surveillance is that you should stay in the right lane and drive slowly. Cars do not normally move or travel in this lane and ditch the car in public areas and avoid straight routes with less traffic.

Force the Pass

When walking on a track, stop suddenly, window shop, text, or make a call. This counter-surveillance way forces the operative closest to you or walks by you and passes the information to their team member.

Show the wardrobe changes

If you stay in a hotel it is possible to give the wrong turn to surveillance. In the hotel, multiple bathrooms are available to choose from them and used for wardrobe changes. If it can be possible, change your shoes also to show your changed appearance.

In this way, you can escape from surveillance and can secure your personality and information from the wrong persons or purposes.    

Bug fixing

The bug is a technical problem that occurred in a system and can corrupt your program. Bug fixing is a change to a product designed and can be in a system to handle a bug. Many types of programming bugs produce errors in the system and are sorted out by developers and IT teams who have experience with special bug fixes. A home, office, and vehicle can be bugged and several signs can realize bugging by someone using an electronic device. These types of crimes occur from many years ago to till now.

Is my office bugged?

If you take notice moving a piece of ceiling tiles, on the floor, or area of your desk then maybe someone fixed their hidden camera or another device in the office. Then you can think “Is my office bugged” and it could be done by a competitor and a jealous person. Often phone lines, cell phones, and electronic devices keyboards are selected for targets.

Techniques to confirm my office is bugged?

When you realize “is my office bugged” then these techniques can be helpful for you to detect listening devices and hidden cameras.    

Electronic bug sweeper

 When you feel “is my office bugged” then electronic bug sweepers are the easy way to find a hidden camera. The sweepers can help to detect listening devices like hidden cameras and audio bugs.

Electronic interference                                                                  

If you think “is my office bugged” you have to focus on strange interference. Bugs cannot only fix cell phones. Eavesdropping devices can hide anywhere like ceilings, light switches, and USB devices.

Examine smoke detectors

Smoke and fire detectors are the most important tools for investigators. Most people think that a bug is hidden in a book on a bookshelf but these are also present in USB Disk, digital clocks, or phone chargers. Can you imagine, “is my office bugged” then you have to examine these above things.

Look if anything seems out of place

If you think “is my office bugged” then you have to keep an eye on strangers. Commonly Phone Companies and air conditioner repairs come into the office and they can easily install eavesdropping devices in the office.

Check on Wi-Fi singles

If you realize “is my office is bugged” then you have to check on Wi-Fi singles. Working from internet audio bugging devices can easily be observed by small pinholes. Check if any small pinholes or any unusual Wi-Fi signal is showing.  

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