Complete Guide: How to Remove Mildew and Mold from Towels?

Washing towels often can be a tiresome chore because they must be laundered on a regular basis as they change hands frequently among guests staying in a hospitality facility. The more the Wholesale hotel towels are washed, the easier it gets for mildew to grow because the wet towels or an unwashed pile can serve as a fertile ground for mold and bacteria if not cleaned properly. Warm, damp towels are an ideal environment for microbial growth, including mold and yeast. 

Complete Guide: How to Remove Mildew and Mold from Towels?

Of course, drying your clean body with a bacteria-laden towel probably isn't the best idea and you can’t risk your hotel’s reputation by providing uncleaned towels with bad odor to your guests. So, there are a number of remedies and tips you can follow to prevent the musty smell of your towels. 

1. Bleach 

Bleach works as a powerful contaminant that can be very efficient at killing mold and attempting to clean mildew stains. Make sure to separate white towels from other hotel supplies to avoid the risk of color bleeding. Soak heavily soiled towels in a mixture of one gallon of cool water and 3/4 of a cup of bleach for five minutes before putting them in the washing machine. In the end, wash and rinse your towels properly to eradicate any traces of bleach smell.

2. Vinegar/ Baking Soda 

An excellent mild mold-killer that also helps get rid of the musty smell from Bulk beach towels is vinegar. Pre-soak the towel in a bucket of water containing one cup of white vinegar for at least an hour. Instead of using a fabric softener, try using this effective remedy to increase the durability and softness of a towel because fabric softener contains silicon which makes your towels water repellent.

3. Borax 

This healthy mold-killer is a water-soluble mineral that can be purchased as a detergent or powder. If you have it in powder form, mix it with water before using it. Then, transfer the liquid into the drum of your washing machine and wash the towel maintaining a proper wash load. 

4. Direct sunlight 

After washing, make sure your towels are absolutely dry before you fold them up for later use. Remember even a bit of moisture will encourage bacterial growth and can lead to mildew and a gross odor. Dry towels by hanging them out in direct sunlight until every drop of moisture is gone. Folds in dampness create the perfect environment for fungal growth. This is why you should also ensure the towel you use to dry off after a shower is hung up without any folds and in a well-breezy area.

How to Keep Your Towels Mold-Free? 

When wet towels are left in a pile, mold can start to grow. To prevent this, drain your washing machine as quickly as the cycle is complete. As soon as you remove wet towels from the washer, hold them to dry on the washing line, towel rack, or heating system. Put another way, put the towels in the dryer. Sweaty towels should not be allowed to sit. Before putting them in the laundry basket, they must be hung up to dry.