Linwood Jackson Jr.

Linwood Jackson Jr.

Linwood Jackson Jr., born February 27, 1990, is an American author, poet, and philosopher. Publishing, up until this year of 2022, eight books, and being the host of  “Justification,” his television program on the Preach The Word Worldwide Network television station, Linwood is shaking up the world of religious philosophy, giving to the world of both religion and philosophy a perspective that it has yet to discover.

Born in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Linwood is making a name for himself.  His philosophy, and how he delivers it, has garnered him a level of fame that I’m sure he did not even expect. He was once an unknown author, yet ascending in rank as one of our generation’s greatest writers and thinkers, Linwood is changing the way scholars view and study the Bible. 

Linwood has dedicated his life to serving learners that want to know how to better their human and their spiritual wellbeing. His passion is due to the vision that he has of himself, how he envisions himself practically and benevolently caring for himself. It is because of this personal desire that he cares to make sure everyone tuning in to him also intelligently loves himself or herself. 

How does Linwood do this? How does Linwood get people to care for themselves? He gives people a message revolving around personal spiritual accountability. 

Linwood teaches that our human being is ultimately guided by the mind hidden beneath our human core. Giving counsel on how to give attention to that hidden mind, Linwood encourages his listener to stop living a tradition life and to start living a life where they are attentive to how that hidden mind thinks, feels, and reflects. It is this “inward person” that must receive attention, or else our human experience will not know fulfillment.

Although elaborating on his philosophy in scholarly-styled literature, Linwood also documents what he espouses in the form of poetry, and most recently in a fantasy fiction novel. Linwood’s ability to create various environments for his philosophy makes his movement revolutionary, giving to all kinds of readers a library catering to their character. 

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