NIF and Getting It in Portugal

Do you want to obtain NIF painlessly? Well, then, this article is going to be extremely helpful material. Study it and your experience will turn out to be as pleasant as possible.

NIF and Getting It in Portugal

Intro to Using NIF in Portugal

NIF is a tax number that will be necessary in Portugal. One person can receive only one number of this kind. Issuing NIF is done by the authorities of Portugal. 

Do not think that NIF will be vital only for the purpose of paying taxes and dealing with this matter. It is also essential for plenty of other life situations. This includes buying property, signing a contract with the mobile operator, and being a freelancer in Portugal. By the way, it is obligatory to have NIF if you intend to start a business in Portugal.

It is really hard to imagine successful and pleasant life in this country without having NIF. That is why you need to consider requesting it as soon as possible. Do not postpone such a matter. There are several ways of receiving NIF, and you are free to choose an option that suits you most of all. Let’s take a look at them below.

Pick Your Variant of Obtaining NIF

First of all, it matters whether you are a resident of Portugal or not. In case you are, one of the best options is to go to the local tax office. Note that you will have to take all the proper documents with you. Find a convenient time and arrange the time. If you have trouble doing this, there is a variant to ask someone else to do this stuff on your behalf. It may be an accountant or a lawyer. 

If you cannot call yourself a resident of Portugal yet, then, a nice option is ordering NIF online. It will allow you to save a ton of time and do everything as conveniently as possible. So, in this case, you will be working with a third-party provider or an intermediary. So, it is essential to pick a team that will not let you down.

Here is an important aspect: if you belong to non-EU/EEA nationals, then, it is a brilliant idea to stick to the Portugal Golden Visa. Apply for it, and you will be able to receive NIF basically at the same time.

Choosing a Third-Party Provider for Receiving NIF Portugal

Actually, you can take a look at several intermediaries and see what conditions of work they are ready to offer you. See what suits you more and go ahead. However, there is a simpler option to deal with. You may just start a collaboration with It is a cool team of experts who will be able to help you as soon as possible by starting the cooperation with the Portuguese authorities based on your request. Besides, this team is eager to suggest fair pricing for the services. And, you will certainly be pleased with the final result as long as you are going to get your NIF really fast.

Nevertheless, you will still have to make a bit of effort. By this, getting the proper documents ready is meant first of all. However, the list is not going to be big. Basically, you need to take care of preparing the scan of your passport and the statement of your address outside Portugal. Easy, right?

So, this is what it is going to look like. You simply upload the necessary documents and pay a fee. Then, wait, and get ready to receive your NIF! With it, your life in Portugal will be far more pleasant and convenient.

It is important to keep in mind that the provider offers the best conditions of collaboration linked to the other third-party providers. You are free to get acquainted with the website and browse it a little bit so as to realize what to expect as a result of cooperation with this provider. The application process is described as fully as possible here. What is more, you can access the contacts section if you need to clarify some of the matters that seem to be important to you. So, good luck to you!