Things to Know Before You Buy a Pair of Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a hot item right now. Every headphone manufacturer wants to have a pair of headphones on the market. Those that don't have products ready to go are purchasing generic models and adding their branding to ensure they don't miss out. Wireless earbuds may not be all created equal. There are many great products, as well as some that are truly awful. You can avoid some of the most unreliable models and find something you like by being careful when selecting a pair. Earbuds are something we use daily on our way to work and when exercising. If you love listening to audiobooks or music, it's worth investing in a good pair.

What to Look for When Buying Earbuds

Things to Know Before You Buy a Pair of Wireless Earbuds

  • Ear-Tips

This is the most crucial part of an earbud. If the silicone ear-tips are too small or too large, you won't get a good seal with your ear canal. You will not be able to hear the music and will experience external noises. They must fit properly and seal well. Many wireless earbuds have an ear-fin to help keep the earbud in place. Comfort and fit are essential. An earbud that fits comfortably in the bowl is crucial.

  • Price

Although there are some inexpensive wireless earbuds available, I would advise you to stay away from them. Wireless earbuds that are good quality don't sell at bargain prices. They need a high-quality Bluetooth chip, such as the one from Qualcomm, and good batteries with high density to last more than an hour. You won't find good quality for a cheap price, so you should be willing to spend enough to get it.

  • Battery Life

Wireless earbud manufacturers usually quote a playtime of three to five hours. You can expect to get around 20% off this quoted time in real-world use. After the battery has run out, the earbuds must be returned to their charging cases. This will allow you to recharge the battery. The battery in the charging case can hold enough to recharge the earbuds up to four times before they need to be recharged again. A quoted time of 12-15 hours is not enough for continuous listening. You should know how long the earbuds can be listened to before they need to be returned to their case to recharge.

  • Controls

Higher-end wireless earbuds will have control buttons or pads on the earpieces. These can be used to adjust volume, skip tracks, make voice commands, or make phone calls. Wireless earbuds that are less expensive often don't come with any controls. This means you will need your smartphone nearby to adjust the volume and skip a track. The best earbuds can automatically pause music when you take an earbud from your ear. Pay attention to the controls. These controls are worth the investment, but make sure you choose responsive controls.

  • Charging Case

Things to Know Before You Buy a Pair of Wireless Earbuds

A pair of wireless headphones should include a charging case. This is the part that stores and charges wireless earbuds. If you plan on taking your wireless earbuds with you, the case must be sturdy. It feels fragile so you need to be cautious about how they will hold up on the road. You should check the hinge on the charging case to see how sturdy it is. It's likely to get beaten up and needs to be strong.

  • Noise Canceling

Wireless earbuds can have a noise-canceling function that reduces the sound of airplane engines and the clickety-clacking of railway tracks. The noise-canceling circuitry requires larger batteries, so you won't have long listening times. Also, the earpieces might be quite bulky to accommodate the larger batteries. Most noise-canceling earbuds have a "Hear-Thru" feature that allows you to adjust the volume to suit your needs, such as when you're jogging, or to hear what others are saying.


Wireless earbuds can be used for exercise or listening to music without the need to connect cables. These earbuds are ideal for those who have to move around and don't need any cables. However, they are not as flexible or battery friendly. Use this list the next time you shop so that you will get the perfect earbuds for you.