Trendy travel destinations and international esim

Now our world is very open and we can enjoy different cultures without even leaving our own houses. You can watch a French film on an American laptop while eating Japanese sushi.

However, to get a real understanding of another culture, this is definitely not enough. You can only get it by traveling. The good news is that, nowadays, it’s pretty easy. You can organize a nice trip even if you’re a low-budget traveler.

According to the BBC, traveling can even make you physically healthier. We’ve collected the trendiest travel destinations for your inspiration. It’s not only about sightseeing but getting new emotions and experiences.

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Trendy travel destinations and international esim


If you’re a social media user, you must have noticed the popularity of yoga and meditation nowadays. According to MediclNewsToday these practices improve your health and stress resilience. India is the best destination for yoga lovers.

There are a lot of retreat camps where you can experience limitations and explore mindfulness. However, India is not only about asanas and mantras. Indian culture is colorful and versatile. We recommend visiting some of the local festivals or holidays to make memories for all of your life. 


Somehow, our world is currently obsessed with everything Swedish. The Swedish way of life, which is also known as Lagom, is very popular among young people. The reason for this is that Swedish people are considered to be one of the happiest in the world.

Lagom is about sitting in a nice brown cafe, eating pastries and talking to a good friend. The coziness and warmth of Lagom can be observed almost everywhere in Sweden.

Trendy travel destinations and international esim


Tanzania has recently become a popular tourist destination. This country is Africa in a nutshell. This country is incredibly picturesque. There are several national parks in Tanzania, where you can enjoy authentic nature and see wild animals.

Safari is one of the best experiences you can get there. Imagine zebras, giraffes and leones at arm’s length! If you’re a fan of Queen, you can also visit Zanzibar. This island is famous for being the birthplace of Freddie Mercury.

South Korea

A lot of people are fascinated by Korean pop-culture. You’ve definitely heard about K-pop stars like BTS or Blackpink. In 2021 almost everyone was obsessed with The Squid game.

The Modern culture of South Korea has made this country so intriguing for tourists all around the world. The country has become a top travel destination among Asian countries. There are a lot of other things South Korea can offer a traveler. Beautiful nature and delicious food are definitely among them. 

The population of our planet is huge and there is a great variety of different cultures to explore. Traveling is a great opportunity to do that and a real privilege people have nowadays.