What Are the Types of Security Guards for Hire: Gain an Extra Layer of Defense

Strengthened security is pegged to be a critical component for business existence, the defense of private objects, and the protection of a range of facilities and sites, as well as people. The overall strategy may differ depending on the set objectives. When hiring security guards to fight all hazards, it is recommended to explore various service types to be sure you get the highest peace of mind and are endowed with an enhanced feeling of safety.

What Are the Types of Security Guards for Hire: Gain an Extra Layer of Defense

Security guards for hire: missions and functions

Expert in Construction Sites and Industrial Defense. Office buildings, manufacturing plants, and construction sites require physical security presence to avoid unplanned incidents, so it is pivotal to hire a security guard who is capable of detecting potential hazards and knows how to act. Preventing unauthorized intrusions of outsiders into premises and the territory of facilities under any circumstances is recognized as the main function of guards. It is important to equip security guards by providing them with well-fitting uniforms, essential self-defense necessities, and telecom radio systems such as two-way communication earpieces. Body cameras should also be integrated to record their activities precisely. This will help to ensure that guards are able to perform their duties safely and effectively and that any security incidents are properly documented.

Armed vs Unarmed. Generally, specialists in guarding security services are the front line of peace. The mission is to fend off attacks, shield away episodes of burglaries, vandalism, and other unlawful action, and keep control over the object, perimeter, or designated areas. And the first classification of guard types is armed and unarmed experts. The first category is trained and licensed people who must respond to incidents within the law and react competently to any type of threat. Unarmed crews can assist in protecting venues, companies, and communities. They also have a protocol of action in case of incidents and must act according to such a protocol. Their duties are mostly to monitor cameras, patrol objects and specific zones, and take care of access control.

Mobile Guards. The service is intended for individuals to call for help in the event of abnormal or threatening situations related to attacks on their lives, harassment, attempted abductions, and conflicts, as well as for providing assistance in other, extreme and emergency situations. Such crews are not fixed to one same location and due to mobility offer an array of benefits:

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Prevent illegal entries and crimes at nighttime.
  • Prompt responsive time for maximized protection.
  • Involvement of trained and proficient personnel who has years of experience. 

Experts have a vast range of special skills and knowledge critical for the high-quality performance of tasks and immediate decision-making in any, even the harshest and most atypical situations.

Business vs Residential Protection. The assistance of guards for private objects and business ones also supports a required level of safety and is provided by specialists who have constantly improved their skills according to a well-designed program. And even if private and business needs may vary, the strategy can consist of similar measures:

  • The perimeter and areas protection of any size: an individual security system must be created.
  • Facility monitoring for protecting valuable assets — for businesses, staff, goods, and clients must be defended while in the case of private properties, the prevention of theft through visual surveillance is a top priority. 
  • Installation of equipment: monitoring devices, surveillance systems, and various sensors, for example, the ones that detect movement or fire safety devices.

Guards For Events. The organization of sports competitions, festivals, rallies, and demonstrations also must comprise hiring security guards for supporting the clients, guests, and participants' safety and keeping the event free from risks and various types of threats, including terrorism, theft, and illegal behavior. A planned gathering can be of any nature, both entertainment and commercial, and the creation of an effective security scheme is paramount.