What do dogs love the most?

Are you a proud parent of a dog, or are you thinking of parenting a puppy for the first time? Are several questions troubling you? You might even have spent many evenings exploring resources like this dog blog to get the answers to things like what does a dog like and does it not? What do they adore and hate doing the most? How to take care of them, how to give them the best life, and hundreds of such questions?

What do dogs love the most?

Here, we give you what the dogs love the most. Read on to learn how to make your dog excited and happy and be the best parent to your pet.

Dogs are Loyal and Loving

Once a dog comes into your house, and gets acquainted with you, realises that you are the one who is taking care of her, there is no other thing that they could love more, other than you. All their loyalty, faith, and love are only for you.

They love you and your smell. Your dog is fond of anything that has your scent in it. You will find them frequently sleeping on your clothes. Wonder why? They smell your odour and are dear to everything that has an essence of you.

Experts say if you are out of the house for some time, leave your worn clothes near them. She will find you and her comfort in those clothes of yours. Isn’t it heartwarming to know this? Next time you see her sleeping comfortably on your clothes, you will not frown but love her for that.

Dogs Stay Close to their Owner

You are the one they love the most and desire to be beside you. They want you to talk to them, interact with them, pat them, and rub them. Your presence is their security and comfort zone. They avoid strangers getting close to you, as they think they are a threat. By trying to keep them away, they are trying to save you from a potential threat.

They try to grab your attention by doing various things. They do not mind even if it is wrong, like hiding your things. They intend to gain your attention and interaction at any cost, just like crying babies.

Dogs Enjoy Music

Dogs have an ear for music. Experts say dogs listen intently to other dogs howling and try to be different from them and have a unique sound of their own.

Dogs are Playful with their Toys

How we are possessive about our things, dogs are about theirs. They love everything that belongs to them, be it their eating bowl, bed, or toys. When they get bored with their toys, they may start playing and chewing your things. It is a sign that you need to buy them more toys of their own.

Your Canines Love Swimming

Did you know this? Yes, dogs enjoy swimming. It is not just a recreational activity but also an exercise. They are natural swimmers and are excited about it as much as they do while going for walks.

Dogs are Always Up for Walking 

Research says dog love to hear the word ‘walking’ the most. They are so excited that their heart rate increases by 36% when they hear the word ‘walking.’ They love to smell the different scents on the way. They love it if you take different routes every day. Following the same path regularly is boring. Instead, they would love to explore various other places.  

Canines Love Eating Alone

Does this surprise you? Did you think that they love to sit among everyone and eat? No, dogs love to take their food where there is nobody and eat. You would have observed that when you give them their favourite snack, they carry it away from all and savour it. It is their inherent nature. Maybe they are making sure that nobody can take it away from them.

Dogs Prefer Quiet and Peaceful Sleep

You see dogs sleeping, having their short naps anywhere. But, a study reveals that they love to sleep in quiet places. They do not like it when they are disturbed by their sleep. You will find them angry and irritable when their sleep is interrupted.


You are reading this blog that suggests that you love your dogs and want to do things they love. With this, it is also necessary that you provide them with the best health by providing nutritious food and the best medical care when necessary. Make sure you go for dog insurance that covers surgeries, hospitalisation, and treatment for certain diseases, injuries, and accidents.