Why are Enterprises Moving to Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are not only built for freelancers and small business entrepreneurs. Recently, many prominent entrepreneurs have moved from traditional offices to shared office space. The coworking industry has been growing exponentially in the past few years. Thus, multinational companies and corporates have been exploring its benefits. Coworking spaces are predicted to see a 30% increment in the coming years.

Why are Enterprises Moving to Coworking Spaces?

Plug and play office is the perfect solution for enterprises and remote employees looking to move back to working from the office. Many enterprises have started embracing coworking space as an alternative to a traditional office setting. Although small businesses and start-ups dominate these office spaces for rent, the workspace landscape is constantly evolving, with large companies also moving towards coworking space. 

Reasons for Enterprises to move into Coworking Space

The dynamic ambience in a coworking space offers various benefits to the enterprises that are discussed below:

1. Talent Acquisition and Retention 

Searching for new talent to relocate and move towards a new job is becoming more of a rarity by the day. Professionals prefer remote or hybrid work these days. Thus, the businesses use flexible office space when they need to find specialized talented people, whether for development, sales, creativity, or any number of roles. This is largely due to the pay-as-you-grow model whereby the companies can upgrade or downsize as they require. Moreover, the coworking space will provide the flexibility required to cater to the individual needs of your company and employees. 

2. Convenience

Coworking space provides a complete, ready-to-use plug-and-play office setup for the work convenience of the organization. For the team working far and wide, the space offers a convenient and structured environment without the hassle of aesthetic, furnishing, and managing office space in each location. The space can be a temporary or long-term solution while you set up a business with the flexibility to expand. 

3. Inspiring Innovation

Innovation is another crucial aspect that enterprises want to achieve with the managed office. Coworking acts like a hub for diverse managers and stakeholders. A unique circumstance inspires creativity and innovation when digital nomads run shoulders with veteran business people. You can explore a workspace with those who are looking for new opportunities. The ergonomic furniture, biophilic design concept and breakout zone add to the much-needed refreshing break in order to enhance productivity. 

4. Healthy Workspace

The working environment is constantly shifting and is unique to your team. While it may be cumbersome for a large enterprise to invest in ever-changing needs, you can work from a coworking space that shows your business ethos and the team's need for a healthy workspace. Your brand’s unique identity is retained in a managed office space that is designed from the ground up, according to your brand color and ethos. 

5. Business Dynamics

In today's marketplace, perhaps the concept of office spaces is changing rapidly. Thus, it becomes mandatory for businesses to follow suit to keep pace with the dynamic customer base and field of competition. For instance, if a company wants to launch a new initiative or product in a specific market with employees working from home and on-premises, the coworking space provides the speed and agility required to efficiently and effectively address your unique business need. 

6. Financially Sound Decision

If cost is the significant factor, then coworking helps save both time and money. With office space costs escalating, very few companies wish to have their finances tied down in permanent office spaces. The coworking space is comparatively affordable. If your office has a hybrid work culture, then also the cost would be reasonable for you as most coworking spaces have a pay-as-you-use policy. So, renting a team office with a manager cabin or private office in managed office space makes more financial sense than leasing a permanent space. 

Make a Smart Move with iKeva

Working from a coworking space in Bangalore enables the large enterprise to tap into an entrepreneurial spirit, access creativity and innovation, and network with other members and companies in a similar work environment.

Now that you know about the advantages of working out of a shared office space, choosing to outsource your office to flexible workspaces like iKeva is an excellent approach to not only reducing the cost but also creating value for your team, and that too, without any hassles.