4 Best TOGAF Certification Training Courses in 2023

TOGAF, or The Open Group Architecture Framework, was formed as an enterprise architecture framework for developing software. TOGAF intends to enhance the development process by assisting organizations in developing a more systematic approach for reducing errors, staying within the set budget, and aligning IT with other units of business. The framework is quite popular and is highly efficient. TOGAF offers a comprehensive practical methodology for developing IT architectures.

4 Best TOGAF Certification Training Courses in 2023

As per the requirements, companies can design an IT infrastructure using TOGAF. This is where the primary role of TOGAF specialists comes into play. The TOGAF specialists interact with different stakeholders and help in prompt and effective designing and implementation of an IT strategy aligned with the corporate strategy. The TOGAF forum brings together more than 200 organizations. Altogether they strive to gradually enhance TOGAF through continuous improvement processes that have resulted in the latest release of TOGAF 9.2.

In this article, we will learn about the TOGAF certification, how to attain one and what are the best TOGAf certification training online.

How to Earn TOGAF Certification

The Open Group offers two official TOGAF certifications, namely, Level I and Level II. To earn the level I certification, you will be required to pass an 1-hour exam comprising 40 multiple choice questions covering the basics of TOGAF. And to earn the Level II certification, you will be required to qualify a 1.5-hour exam comprising 8 scenario questions testing your in depth knowledge of applying TOGAF to real-life situations. To qualify for the TOGAF certification exam, you need to consider comprehensive the best TOGAF certification training online. Here we have listed the best four TOGAF certification training courses you can consider in the year 2023.

Best four TOGAF Certification Training Courses

Here are the top four TOGAF Certification Training Courses listed for you that you can consider pursuing for building a career in TOGAF in 2023.

1. TOGAF 9 Combined level 1 and level 2 training course by Simplilearn

The TOGAF® version 9.2 certification training by Simplilearn helps you gain expertise in the fundamental knowledge of TOGAF including terminology, concepts and structures of TOGAF 9. The training program is accredited by the Open Group and introduces all the tools for passing the exam. As you progress through the course, you will learn in detail about process-oriented approach for architecture development and strategizing IT projects for developing successful operational plans and making informed decisions related to business.

You can avail of the training through three options, which are self-paced learning, online bootcamp and corporate training. With the help of an online classroom flexi pass, you get access to 90 days to instructor-led classes and 180 days of access to self-paced learning content curated by industry leaders and experts. The training costs $1,599 which includes the cost of both exams.

2. Overview of the TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architecture Framework by Pluralsight

This TOGAF training course offered by Pluralsight is an advanced-level accelerated TOGAF training course covering both parts 1 and 2. The course focuses on the fundamental and core concepts of the architecture framework of TOGAF. The course aims to provide a summarized overview of 700+ pages of TOGAF documentation and acts as a quick reference source for architecture practitioners and the ones preparing to qualify the TOGAF certification. Along with that, the course includes a fictitious case study on WebFirst Banking Corporation that makes you understand the thought process behind establishing an enterprise architecture practice within an organization.

The course cost is included in the Pluralsight subscription. And based on the kind of subscription, the cost may range between $159 and $239 for individuals and between $399 and $779 for teams.

3. TOGAF for Practitioners Level 1&2 by Skillsoft Global Knowledge

The TOGAF training course by Skillsoft Global Knowledge is an advanced-level, TOGAF certification training course designed for professionals familiar with TOGAF. This course enables you to gain knowledge of TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 and Level 2. The course will not only help you gain a detailed understanding of TOGAF 9.2 but also helps you to learn to analyze and apply the knowledge wherever possible.

While pursuing the course you will get a voucher using which you will be able to schedule your TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 and 2 certification exam. The course costs $3895 which is inclusive of the exam fees.

4. TOGAF 9 Course by eLearning Launchpad

The TOGAF 9 training course by eLearning Launchpad is offered at both Level 1 and Level 2. The course can be attended online or on-site at one of their US locations. The classes conducted on-site can be attended privately in batches of 2 to 15 individuals. Alternatively, you can opt for public online classes conducted three days a week. 

The cost of the course varies as per the mode of the class opted by you. For private online classes, the cost starts at $1180, public online courses at $1520 per individual and $1220 per individual for groups of 2 to 15. The TOGAF training program cost is inclusive of the exam cost and also comprises a Second chance Exam retake Guarantee that allows you to retake the exam in case you are unable to pass it on the first attempt. 

Nowadays, the market is full of different TOGAF certification training courses. Before choosing any course, it is important to check the course curriculum properly and ensure that it aligns with your learning objectives.